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6 Myths About The Growth Mindset, Debunked

In the 1970s, researcher Carol Dweck – now a professor of psychology at Stanford University – began researching children’s abilities to bounce back from failure. She found to her surprise that some children didn’t need to “bounce back” at all;...

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Developing awareness around external triggers

In my last post I talked about a client who had been unaware of a serious problem perceived by his boss. Of course it’s not uncommon that a CEO has a perspective as yet unavailable to others in their organisation. A leader being informed of a deficit is...

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In all chaos there is a cosmos

Carl Jung said: "In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order." When you look at The Cosmos, or The Milky Way, from a distance it's possible to see that there's a structure, an order, to all the stars and planets in the system. Our so...

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How Inspirational is your Leadership?

Investing in our capacity for inspired leadership should be critical, right? Yet, even leaders who want to be senior leaders and are prepared to invest in this journey through coaching, often struggle when asked what is it that differentiates their leader...

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How Action Learning Sets can Support a Culture of Coaching in Organisations

Leaders need to keep ahead of the way the world is changing, and they are being called on to lead with energy that they’ve never had to tap into before. Leaders are moving away from the traditional command and control style toward something different...

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