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Should Senior Executives Use Internal Coaches?

In this blog post, we’ll explore why we believe senior executives should use external coaches and the benefits they can bring to your personal and professional development.

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Know thyself? Limitations of self-perception

Understanding who we really are, as an individual, is a multi-faceted conundrum. It’s a big question, a huge question, with so many contributing aspects to consider.

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Ruth Kudzi

How to Feel Better

Where there are KPIs that people are performance reviewed against, it takes a bold leader to step back from using these when leading their staff, and start to look at other measures.

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All in an instant – in the pool and at work

How to get up the career ladder at work with minimal turbulence but first to the pool

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Why would you use a leadership coach?

Leadership coaching is different from traditional training or mentoring programmes in that it focuses specifically on the individual's leadership development, rather than on specific job skills or tasks.

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Is TIME your enemy?

When TIME is your enemy

If you're constantly saying, ‘it shouldn’t take this long’, ‘it shouldn't be this difficult’, ‘I (we) should be able to do it quicker than this,’ then TIME has become your enemy.

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