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Leading During a Crisis: Leadership Mindset and Skills

The various recent crises have put leadership and the leadership mindset under the spotlight around the world, from heads of state to business and public health leaders, we are all debating and assessing the quality of leadership we are experiencing. I...

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The Team-Alignment Imperative

From hidden contradictions to shared meaning: the team-alignment imperative If you have worked with people in team settings, you know that people interpret things differently. Yet, in my experience we often underestimate to what extent different perspect...

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Four mistakes to avoid when it comes to workplace wellbeing

If you’re responsible for looking after people at work, I’m sure workplace wellbeing hasn’t been far from your mind over the last two years. And as a wellbeing coach and workplace psychologist, I know it’s been an urgent priority for organisati...

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What's the difference between Systemic Team Coaching and regular Team Coaching?

Using the system not just talking about it. Why is Systemic Team coaching more valuable to change programmes than regular team coaching? I believe it’s because the system and its key players are invited to the process to input and respond to the team...

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Holding your ground without losing your rag

However senior you are in an organisation there will be times when you find yourself in conversations with others who are critical of you or your staff or want you to make changes you’re unhappy about. These are some of the approaches I discuss with ...

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