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360 degree feedback models - insightful or inhibiting?

Do 360 degree feedback models offer valuable insights or reinforce previously held inhibitors ? The concept of the 360 degree feedback model has been used extensively over the past 50 years. The foundation of the 360 degree model goes back to the work ...

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Is there a future for work?

Of course, there is a future for work, what else would we do with our time? Joking aside, the pandemic has shown us that there are all sorts of things we could be doing with our time, most of them not related to work as we knew it. It led many of us to th...

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Coaching Management

‘Coaching management style relieves pressure on younger managers’. HR director

I didn’t used to like HR departments that much because I thought they were more about bureaucracy than actual human resource development. I also balked at the idea that humans are a “resource”, like minerals or tidal power. Humans are humans. The...

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One conversation really can make a BIG difference - by a Professional Coach

I was privileged to be invited to be a Professional Coach at the Richmond Events Communication Director’s forum 2021 last week. As a professional coach I am dedicated to engaging in conversations that make a transformational difference for my clients...

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Going round in circles: Coaching and the co-created pattern

Coaching can help someone think afresh Co-created patterns are situations in which two people become paired up in mutually reinforcing behaviour. Sometimes the co-created patterns are effective, leading to positive outcomes, and sometimes they are inef...

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