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Benefits of coaching to the coach - available to all?

Over many years I've listened to coaches who are passionate about learning coaching skills, that inspired them with confidence to go and help others. That's marvellous, but what if others aren't ready to be helped through coaching? They don’t feel re...

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How Action Learning Sets can Support a Culture of Coaching in Organisations

Leaders need to keep ahead of the way the world is changing, and they are being called on to lead with energy that they’ve never had to tap into before. Leaders are moving away from the traditional command and control style toward something different...

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10 Factors to Consider in Choosing an Executive Coach

An Executive Coach can really help you to hone your personal leadership to grow yourself, your team and business, so that you contribute to and develop a culture where everybody matters and you generate both people and economic value. A good coach will...

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How to implement a coaching culture: 8 steps for driving ROI

As someone who champions the huge benefits coaching can bring to a business, I’m often asked about the best way to implement it. Most professionals who come to me to discuss coaching are already advocates of its effectiveness, but they sometimes face ch...

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