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‘Coaching management style relieves pressure on younger managers’. HR director

I didn’t used to like HR departments that much because I thought they were more about bureaucracy than actual human resource development. I also balked at the idea that humans are a “resource”, like minerals or tidal power. Humans are humans. The...

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Going round in circles: Coaching and the co-created pattern

Coaching can help someone think afresh Co-created patterns are situations in which two people become paired up in mutually reinforcing behaviour. Sometimes the co-created patterns are effective, leading to positive outcomes, and sometimes they are inef...

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Approaching coaching: two book reviews by my son

Recently I recruited Greg Stitt, who is my son, into my coaching business. To help me stay on top of things, I asked him to read and review some books that caught my eye. His first two reviews are below. In their respective ways, the books provid...

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Benefits of coaching to the coach - available to all?

Over many years I've listened to coaches who are passionate about learning coaching skills, that inspired them with confidence to go and help others. That's marvellous, but what if others aren't ready to be helped through coaching? They don’t feel re...

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