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Personal Branding - How do others see you?

Personal Branding You enter a BRAND new world when you leave a company and your job, often at a timing not of your choosing. A key aspect to getting that next successful career move is 'personal branding'. Branding is a mix of how you portray yourself an...

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From self-awareness to sustainable change

This is the first of a short series of case studies on real coaching situations and how they have helped my coachees (sometimes called the players) create an action-orientation which will drive sustainable change and, of course, a step-up in their perform...

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How to make an impact: the art of successful networking

Impact is everything. You know when someone has it. They light up a room when they walk in. There is an aura of energy which draws others to them. It’s the foundation of personal success at work, at home and in your social life too. It is something to d...

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How to develop a growth mindset

Growth mindset. You know when someone is their positive zone. They exude belief in themselves and their ability to learn. They can thrive during tough times. They are resourceful, flexible and able to deal constructively with setbacks. These are people yo...

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