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What is Executive Coaching?
What Executive Coaching is, and why it is an essential part of a leader’s development.

Executive Coaching

Whether you are the CEO, CTO or Managing Director, Executive Coaching provides a safe and confidential space to work on current challenges and move forward on specific projects. Working one to one with a qualified and experienced Executive Coach enables you to focus on outcomes such as developing a strategy, building your team or managing change.  Targeted conversations with your coach will challenge yet support you, enabling you and your organisation, to succeed more easily and effectively.

“Executive Coaching is aimed at inspiring executive leaders to make behavioural changes which transform themselves and the people around them thereby increasing business results and performance.” Jeremy Robinson, working definition of executive coaching. 

Coaching is driven by the needs of the leader. It is about assisting individuals to achieve their full potential, with a focus on what they want to achieve now and in the future. It is a partnership between the executive coach and the client, typically for a defined period of time, although some Executive coaching relationships can last for several years.

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Executive Coaching is most effective for:

  • Helping drive culture change in an organisation
  • Helping senior leaders to address specific issues or enhance their performance when taking on a particularly challenging project
  • Providing professional and personal development for those in senior positions who have little time and for whom being at the top can be lonely an isolated

The benefits to the Leader:

  • Preparation for role/career changes and joining the board
  • Strategies for managing stress, change, conflict or crisis
  • Enhancing personal impact and performance
  • Identifying solutions to specific work-related issues
  • Business coaching generates learning and clarity for forward action with a commitment to measurable outcomes.

The benefits to the organisation

  • Greater commitment and buy-in from directors and senior leaders
  • An executive coaching programme can help retain talent and keep staff engaged
  • More creative outlook in business planning
  • Improved management of other team members
  • Building positive relationships between people and departments
  • Facilitating the adoption of a new culture in the business

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Return on investment:

According to the ICF Global Coaching Client Study conducted by PWC, 86% of companies say they made their investment back from Executive Coaching.

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