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The missing piece in supporting internal coaches

All professionals need to make time regularly to reflect on their work and how they are developing in the role they play in the workplace. This helps keep their expertise up to date but also supports their wellbeing. It stops us falling into habitual ways...

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Who is the world calling you to be?

What a year 2020 has been!  How do we begin to find purpose and meaning in a year which, on the surface, has brought so much uncertainly, chaos and anxiety to so many people around the globe? It is easy to look back and be grateful for the times that ...

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Is supervision a gendered pursuit?

Who is supervision for? Anybody who would value a reflective space in which to reflect on their practice and encounter fresh perspectives. Who comes for supervision? Good question. Women, it would seem. At least that is the case for the flavour of supe...

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Make your own music in coaching supervision

I think of coaching supervision a bit like a musical mixing desk.  You know, where you can mix and match strands of music in a composition that suits your taste.  You might increase one element and decrease another.  Supervision uses the mixing desk to...

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No crash helmet required

The high performance car I would love a Porsche 911.  I have driven one a couple of times around a track and been able to compare it to other high performance cars.  I can only begin to appreciate the value I might derive from owning such a car because...

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