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The Links Between Coaching and Our Body

A concept exploring the parallels between the organs in our body and coaching How often when you’re coaching or in general conversation with someone who is speaking about a change or experience they’ve been through and they refer to parts of the bo...

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Confessions of a Supervisee

I was talking with a colleague the other day about why I had wanted to become a supervisor, which I did some years ago now.  The main reasons I recalled were to do with supporting the coach community I’d set up back then and finding a deeper way to dev...

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Ideas for supervision content: Objectivity and Evasiveness

I was always keen to become a supervisor because my coaching tends to support people who need to have good soft skills in collaborative work, which can mean coaching some of the time. I anticipated the supervisor challenge would naturally motivate me to r...

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The missing piece in supporting internal coaches

All professionals need to make time regularly to reflect on their work and how they are developing in the role they play in the workplace. This helps keep their expertise up to date but also supports their wellbeing. It stops us falling into habitual ways...

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Who is the world calling you to be?

What a year 2020 has been!  How do we begin to find purpose and meaning in a year which, on the surface, has brought so much uncertainly, chaos and anxiety to so many people around the globe? It is easy to look back and be grateful for the times that ...

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