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Our Mission

Our mission is to raise the standard, profile and credibility of professional coaching, highlighting its tangible results.

We aim to make coaching as acceptable and accessible as training is for professional development in the business arena.

The purpose of the Trusted Coach Directory is to:

  • Help clients to make a more informed choice when engaging a coach.
  • Ensure clients can find verified coaches who are qualified, experienced, supervised and insured.
  • Raise awareness of the coaching profession.
  • Raise the standard and perception of the coaching industry
  • Help professional coaches promote themselves and grow their business.
  • Promote the tangible benefits of professional coaching
  • Share industry knowledge with clients and coaches

We have CLEAR Values!

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The team so far

Helen Isacke – Founder and Managing Director

Sarah Heap – Administrator

Sharon Holland – SEO & Social Media

Jan Graves – Finance Manager

NerdCow – Website Support & Development

Ibizify – IT Support