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New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work – or perhaps they can

2 Tools for the New Year Although the New Year is an arbitrary date, we human beings are programmed to symbolic beginnings and endings and invest heavily in the power of renewal and the new start. And so, many of us began the New Year with resolutions ...

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Alone Together in Time

In a time and place far, far away, when it was not unusual for someone to spend their whole career in one organisation, they would, when they retired from it, be given a gold watch.  The symbolism is obvious, of course: after having given the majority of...

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Using the Wheel of Life to Look at Where you are Currently and Where You Would Like to Be

Using the Wheel of Life may be a useful starting point it can enable you to look at where you are currently and where you would like to be. ‘My true self vs My ideal self’ Boyatsis , R E & Akrivou,K, (2006) - The ideal self as the driver of change...

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You don't have to HAVE BEEN successful to BE successful. 

You don't have to HAVE BEEN successful to BE successful.  THE PAST DOES NOT EQUAL THE FUTURE!  Sometimes we just need to get out of our own way.  I work with women, entrepreneurs and leaders, and I run my own business. I would be rich beyond m...

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7 habits to build deep self-confidence.

This is my third article from “On the road to success”. First article:  Fear: The wild horse that will make you win the race. Second one: Why is failure your best currency to buy success? Let me start by making an important distinction:  Se...

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