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Succeed at being YOU

Inspiration for blogs comes in the strangest of ways sometimes. I was at the cinema on Saturday, gripped by Marvel Avengers Endgame. If you've seen it, you'll know that Thor has something of a tough time in this movie, suffering from depression and grief....

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How These Six Strategies Can Help You Adopt A Growth Mindset

In my previous article, we explored the difference between what Stanford professor of psychology Carol Dweck has termed the ‘growth mindset’ and the ‘fixed mindset’ – two contrasting frames of mind that dramatically impact how an individual perc...

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Never give up on your dreams...

I went swimming on Monday, as I do every morning, and noticed that there were only 3 people in the pool, as opposed to 10 last week. “Blue Monday”  as we all know is supposed to be the day that most people give up their New Year’s Resolutions, if t...

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The Power of Dialogue in Coaching

Have you ever been in the situation where someone said something that made you so angry that you reacted defensively?  I have.  It is usually when I feel that either I am or someone close to me is being criticised unfairly…in my opinion.  My reaction...

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How to avoid the dreaded Six Month Slump!

The weather is warm.  The enticing smell of barbecues wafts around your nose.  The beer and prosecco are on ice. Yes, summer may be here and so are all sorts of distractions, sport or otherwise.  It is very tempting to take the foot off the accelerator...

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