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The two-hour coaching session is a thing of the past

Coaching in an organisational context has evolved and developed in many ways over the last two decades. Two of the leading trends as we entered 2020 were the impact of technology, with more coaching sessions taking place by video conference than in-person...

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A Very Adult Conversation About Coaching Competencies

Lesley Cave and I (Fiona Elder) have combined a love of coaching with the desire to take complex subjects and start to explore and get to understand the newly defined ICF competencies. We are both PCC coaches and qualified supervisors who have come to the...

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Coaching in anxious times

The statistics around mental health show us that it is likely that, as coaches, we will encounter individuals with anxiety, stress conditions, burnout, depression and other psychological disorders – we will already have clients who live with these condi...

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7 ways that coaches could DAMPEN the spark of creativty

One would think that any and all kind of coaching activity would encourage creativity in those embarking on it. But I am not so sure about that. I suspect most coaches intend to encourage creative thinking in their coachees, but there are a number of reas...

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Mentor Coaching is for Life, not just Credentialing

Mentor coaching.  What is that?  Have you even heard of it?  Like coaching, it is often misunderstood. Mentor coaching is ‘observed coaching with feedback against a set of competencies, that sharpens the coach’s all-round presence’ (Norman, 20...

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