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Empowering Your Employees to Thrive

As leaders, one of our primary focusses is empowering our employees to thrive.  So how might we do that?  First and foremost we must believe in them.  Believe they have good intentions, be secure in the knowledge that they have the skills and the tools...

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Creating emotional connections with your team

As a leader, motivating your team is key. Celebrating wins without generating complacency, achieving goals without risking burnout, etc. With the inevitable ups and downs of delivering daily tasks, and keeping to the long term plan, helping them to develo...

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What we can measure we can manage.….when the measurements are timely.

Me: “What measures do you have in the business we can use to evaluate the effectiveness of the coaching” Client: “Well a key measure for this leader would be employee engagement” Me: “How often do you run your survey and when was the last ...

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