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motivating your team

Creating emotional connections with your team

As a leader, motivating your team is key. Celebrating wins without generating complacency, achieving goals without risking burnout, etc. With the inevitable ups and downs of delivering daily tasks, and keeping to the long term plan, helping them to develo...

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What will make employees stay?

Encouraging managers to hold stay, or retention, interviews with employees is the latest tool in the war to retain talent (FT. March 22).  The logic is sound.  Catch employees before they have another job offer and have mentally moved on.  It’s an op...

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Is there a future for work?

Of course, there is a future for work, what else would we do with our time? Joking aside, the pandemic has shown us that there are all sorts of things we could be doing with our time, most of them not related to work as we knew it. It led many of us to th...

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Empowering Your Employees

Empowering Your Employees to Thrive

Empowering Your Employees to Thrive As leaders, one of our primary focusses is empowering our employees to thrive.  So how might we do that?  First and foremost we must believe in them.  Believe they have good intentions, be secure in the knowledge ...

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