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Blog - Team building

The four legs of my sturdy table

I’ve come to understand that my business has four pillars. Metaphorically speaking, they’re the four legs of a table that can hold the weight of my customers’ aspirations. The four legs are 1) my mindset, 2) marketing, 3) value pricing and 4) del...

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Slowing down to move faster - thoughts on team effectiveness

Leadership teams in organisations around the world are grappling with the economic and business impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic at the moment.  Some of their big challenges are: continued crisis management dealing with business disruption, hea...

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“You’re all grown ups. Just get on with it.”

I surprised a colleague the other day when I shared Ruth Wageman’s research conclusion that “(leadership) teams do not improve markedly even if all of their members receive individual coaching to develop their personal abilities”. At first it may...

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