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Talent Acquisition

The Art of Talent Acquisition: Strategies and Techniques for HR Leaders

Attracting and retaining top talent has become one of the primary challenges for many organisations today. Competing for skilled professionals in a global economy can be an uphill battle, even for the most successful and established companies. And as businesses evolve and adapt…

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The Team-Alignment Imperative

From hidden contradictions to shared meaning: the team-alignment imperative If you have worked with people in team settings, you know that people interpret things differently. Yet, in my experience we often underestimate to what extent different perspectives can conspire to…

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Dave Stitt

The four legs of my sturdy table by Dave Stitt

I’ve come to understand that my business has four pillars, writes Dave Stitt. Metaphorically speaking, they’re the four legs of a table that can hold the weight of my customers’ aspirations. The four legs are 1) my mindset, 2) marketing, 3) value pricing and 4)…

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