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Four mistakes to avoid when it comes to workplace wellbeing

If you’re responsible for looking after people at work, I’m sure workplace wellbeing hasn’t been far from your mind over the last twelve months. And as a wellbeing coach and workplace psychologist, I know it’s been an urgent priority for organ...

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The impact of loneliness and isolation on our health and wellbeing

“Loneliness is a discrepancy between what you want and what you have in your relationships.”  Prof John Cacioppo, Centre for cognitive and social neurosciences, University of Chicago. Human need for connection As human beings we are literally w...

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One conscious breath can change everything

During a normal day at work, so much can happen: a new request from your boss, a project that doesn’t go as expected, an last minute compulsory meeting, or whatever else that comes to stress you out. One conscious breath can change everything! Just l...

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Change Your Perspectives, Change Your Experiences

During this uncertain time of the Covid-19 pandemic, it can be beneficial to learn practices to support our mental well-being by focusing on what we can control rather than the things we cannot. And as we find ourselves being bombarded by informatio...

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Mental wellbeing and mental illness – what should we be aware of as coaches?

Coaches have a professional responsibility to be able to: Identify the signs and behaviours that may indicate concern about a client’s mental wellbeing or possible mental illness. Recognise when we can support the client to bring about change. ...

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