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The Importance of Workplace Wellness: Boosting Employee Health, Satisfaction, and Productivity

Engaging in wellness practices in the workplace can have a significant impact on employee health, satisfaction, and productivity. We explore the importance of workplace wellness and how leadership and coaching can help foster a healthy and productive work environment.

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How do we Thrive? Six questions to check.

It is our decision whether we grow or diminish. In a world that feels constantly changing, uncertain and difficult to navigate, we can start to check-in on ourselves – with some help from the six question areas that emerge from the word THRIVE.

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Do you avoid conversations about mental ill health?

How often do you find yourself in a conversation where you start to wonder if the other person is ok? Perhaps you start to feel uncomfortable and unsure about how far to explore your hunch.

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Ruth Kudzi

How to Feel Better

Where there are KPIs that people are performance reviewed against, it takes a bold leader to step back from using these when leading their staff, and start to look at other measures.

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Think clearly and creatively, even under pressure…

Many modern-day jobs are not very conducive to clear thinking – with constant interruptions from emails, notifications, phone calls and meetings. It’s a rich irony, given that what’s required of people – especially in senior roles – calls for the clearest thinking.…

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Four mistakes to avoid when it comes to workplace wellbeing

If you’re responsible for looking after people at work, I’m sure workplace wellbeing hasn’t been far from your mind over the last two years. And as a wellbeing coach and workplace psychologist, I know it’s been an urgent priority for organisations everywhere, as they…

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