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How's your physical health?

When you work with an executive coach, you will probably be looking at high level skills such as negotiation, strategy, innovation and all aspects of what you might call 'people management'. This is very important and the changes you may make in these are...

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Self-care isn’t selfish, it’s a necessity

What do we mean by selfcare? It’s about looking after the whole you, your physical, emotional, spiritual wellbeing and taking care of your mind and thoughts. In my book the Tree of Resilience, one of the acorns of resilient growth is about support, one ...

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5 Easy Ways to enjoy a proven Brighter Thinking Break for Your Brain during the Working Day

With the rise of the always-on 24/7 culture we can be forgiven that we incorrectly extrapolate that humans can function in the same way as technology: always responsive, deliver the same quantity and quality of output and with the same level of enthusiasm...

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Clean coaching & how writing things down can turn them around

Putting things in writing has a remarkable effect on what we think and how we feel about it. It's one way of getting things out of our head and out there in the real world, where we can actually step back and notice what it looks like 'over ...

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