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Think clearly and creatively, even under pressure…

Many modern-day jobs are not very conducive to clear thinking – with constant interruptions from emails, notifications, phone calls and meetings. It’s a rich irony, given that what’s required of people – especially in senior roles – calls for th...

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Clean coaching & how writing things down can turn them around

Putting things in writing has a remarkable effect on what we think and how we feel about it. It's one way of getting things out of our head and out there in the real world, where we can actually step back and notice what it looks like 'over ...

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Four mistakes to avoid when it comes to workplace wellbeing

If you’re responsible for looking after people at work, I’m sure workplace wellbeing hasn’t been far from your mind over the last two years. And as a wellbeing coach and workplace psychologist, I know it’s been an urgent priority for organisati...

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Well-being is ‘being well’

Well-being is a current popular topic - ‘trending’, with increasing recognition that personal energy is a finite resource and dis-ease is not a random name but a description of a symptom, a visible sign from our body that all is not well within it.  ...

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One conversation really can make a BIG difference - by a Professional Coach

I was privileged to be invited to be a Professional Coach at the Richmond Events Communication Director’s forum 2021 last week. As a professional coach I am dedicated to engaging in conversations that make a transformational difference for my clients...

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