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By Helen Isacke|20.05.2024

Neurodiversity Strategy Coaching

How can Neurodiversity Strategy Coaching attenuate the adult cognitive deficits which arise from Childhood Emotional Abuse?

By Helen Isacke|08.05.2024

Free Trial - Values (VbIM) Questionnaire

Sample and explore your own VbIM report so that you can then use the questionnaire with your own coaching clients or colleagues.

By Richard MacKinnon|15.04.2024

What about life after coaching?

In this video, Richard answers another common question about coaching: "What do I do when coaching has finished?"

Breakthrough Coaching

By Sharon Holland|03.04.2024

Breakthrough Coaching: Creating Lightbulb Moments in Your Coaching Conversations

Breakthrough Coaching: Creating Lightbulb Moments in Your Coaching Conversations introduces a coaching method based on psychological safety to help you help others to open up and break down the walls of confusion and fear created by their inherited beliefs and unsupported assumptions.

By Richard MacKinnon|11.03.2024

What is a coaching 'chemistry session'?

In this video, Dr. Richard MacKinnon explains the role of the 'chemistry session' when it comes to coaching.

By Sharon Holland|23.02.2024

Rethinking the Psychological Assessment of Personality

Do you want a different way of thinking about personality questionnaires? This video will stimulate some critical thinking in this field.

Member resource

By Helen Isacke|08.02.2024

Henley Centre for Coaching - Partner Membership

The Henley Centre for Coaching is a vibrant learning community where coaches network, collaborate and develop new thinking in coaching.

By Helen Isacke|05.12.2023

Managing Difficult Relationships - Using Belbin

Conflict is essential for teams, but it needs to be managed the right way. This sounds counter-intuitive, but when teams disagree, it provides opportunities for learning and growth.

By Helen Isacke|28.11.2023

The Human Behind the Coach

Explore the human qualities that great coaches need to develop - humility, vulnerability, courage, and more - based on research from thousands of real coaching sessions, with stories, reflections, practical examples and tips.

By Helen Isacke|21.11.2023

123 coaching tools and techniques for executive coaches, team coaches, mentors and supervisors

A treasure trove of applied tools and techniques – a resource that has hitherto not existed and could never have been achieved without the valuable contributions and support of over 100 coaches who helped create these books.

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