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By Sarah Heap|03.05.2022

Creative Reflective Practice: Global perspectives for critical reflection on professional experiences

Clare Beckett-McInroy discusses why reflection is fundamental to an incremental and vertical approach to professional development.

Business Growth Programme

By Helen Isacke|26.04.2022

Results Mastery - with Steve Mills

Join Steve's 12 month business growth programme for coaches who want to make 25% to 100% more profit in the next 12 months.

By Gillian Frame|23.03.2022

How does onboarding coaching work and why is 1st 90 days coaching important?

Onboarding is an area in which coaching can play a crucial role in supporting the successful transition of a senior leader. So often, organisations focus on the selection and assessment of the new hire, but the importance of setting that new hire up for success can be easily overlooked.


By Geoff Watts|22.03.2022

Balance Your Perfectionism To Be Creative

In this talk, Geoff Watts shares his insights onto the effects of the double-edged sword of perfectionism on our creative aspirations. He advocates a balancing of perfectionism, so that we may strive for excellence, without being unfair to ourselves.

Megan Reitz

By Helen Isacke|10.03.2022

TEDx - How your power silences truth - Megan Reitz

Have you ever thought others should speak up more to you – with ideas, feedback or the truth about what’s going on? Megan Reitz explains how speaking truth to power is relational and getting others to speak up is as much about you as it is about them.

By Sarah Heap|10.02.2022

Deep and deliberate delegation: A new art for unleashing talent and winning back time

By Helen Isacke|09.02.2022

Responsible Conversation: modelled from coaching philosophy

This document aims to give some background into Shirley’s contribution to the idea of responsible conversation, which aims to help people better negotiate for collaborative conversation. Her doctoral study created a realisation of the importance of considering relationship underpinning any collaborative conversation.

By Sarah Heap|03.02.2022

Coach for Results: Empower your people to achieve the extraordinary

By Helen Isacke|31.01.2022

Transform your Visual Content

Illustrator Gary Nightingale shares how you can transform your visual content and, over time, make it an original, relevant, and consistent part of your brand and your message.

By Geoff Watts|28.01.2022

The Inner Boardroom Technique

The Inner Boardroom is a great technique to help you evaluate who or what is overly influencing your thinking and decision-making. You can then use this technique to choose a more helpful "internal board of directors" for a more healthy level of balance thinking.

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