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Feelings matter

Feelings matter; how well do you connect with yours?

Feelings matter; how well do you connect with yours? I’ve owned one yo-yo in my life; it was bright orange and on one side it had a sticker of Donny Osmond. I think I was about ten years old when I bought it, with my pocket money.  Having not tho...

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How do you identify and manage imposter syndrome?

How to identify and manage imposter syndrome

If you suffer from a  feeling that you’re not good enough and have a tendency towards perfectionism then you are entirely normal since most people feel this way. Feelings of insecurity are particularly common when people are promoted to a leadership po...

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Difficult conversations

‘Addicted to being Right’

Difficult conversations about ‘behaviour’ seem to be a recurring theme in the work place. Humans are masters at rationalisation.  Good reasons are often given for behaviours even when they become destructive. Imagine you are in a tense team mee...

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