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Leading During a Crisis: Leadership Mindsets and Skills

The Covid-19 Crisis has put leadership under the spotlight around the world, from heads of state to business and public health leaders, we are all debating and assessing the quality of leadership we are experiencing. In April 2020, just as LockDown was...

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“We don’t need a team coach thanks”

Five reasons people give to avoid team coaching Team coaching has a positive impact on both individuals and organisations. A team coach will boost team performance, build team capability, improve team capacity and ensure that the whole team feels inspire...

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Leading with Impact and Presence

Using Personal Energy to create Impact and Presence as Leaders How often do you think about your personal energy and how you might use it to have greater impact and presence? Who you are as a leader is how you “show up” on a daily basis therefo...

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Resilience: reshaping the stories we tell ourselves about our bad experiences

Leadership is tough today. Challenges are thrown at us every day at breakneck speed and many leaders go home at the end of each day thinking they’ve succeeded in some but failed in others. Resilience is key to surviving and flourishing as a leader an...

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When can we expect coaches to be replaced by Robots?

It may have taken 26 years, but I was delighted to attend the EMCC’s first UK based conference on 16 January - the topic was ‘future proofing your practice’.  There were many enjoyable elements to the day, the networking, the breakout sessions but ...

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