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Return on Investment vs Return on Expectations... which is right when evaluating coaching or leadership development?

Many moons ago when I was completing my CIPD qualifications I wrote a Management report called “Beyond the Happy Sheet” in which I explored how training and coaching is evaluated in the workplace. A chance conversation at the Trusted Coach Directory a...

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Driving Positive Behaviours

The last 12 months has shone a spotlight on how leaders are dealing with the impact of Covid-19 for themselves, their staff, and their business’s.  During this period of rapid change and transition, there is an increasing need to improve the way we sup...

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Go with the flow, the essence of Leadership

A river doesn’t wonder where it’s coming from and where it’s going. It just keeps moving. We are obsessed with plans, goals and results. We need to know, to evaluate and to make sure our way is the right way, but how do we know? Sometimes it is n...

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Shadow coaching, the Leadership booster

Many leaders have regular coaching. It is interesting to notice that sometimes, the behaviour of the leader doesn’t always improve with coaching. The person can be making great progresses on some specifics aspects but not obligatorily on the way he/she ...

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Get back in the driver’s seat

A simple fact to keep in mind is that when we are busy thinking or not paying attention to the present moment, our subconscious takes over. It is an amazing functionality of our brain to ensure that when we can’t pay attention to what happens, autopilot...

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