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Should Senior Executives Use Internal Coaches?

In this blog post, we’ll explore why we believe senior executives should use external coaches and the benefits they can bring to your personal and professional development.

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All in an instant – in the pool and at work

How to get up the career ladder at work with minimal turbulence but first to the pool

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Why would you use a leadership coach?

Leadership coaching is different from traditional training or mentoring programmes in that it focuses specifically on the individual's leadership development, rather than on specific job skills or tasks.

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Leadership Impact

Which choice will you make to develop your leadership impact?

For a number of years now I’ve been sharing my personal views on some of the actions that leaders can take to improve leadership impact or effectiveness and to foster the right conditions around you to drive success for all. As a headline theme ponder this: “how do you…

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What’s it like at the top these days?

There you are, right at the top, leading a company. You’ve made it. May I ask: What’s it like for you? I used to have a handle on that, working as I do with executives, but things have changed so much in the last 36 months that I’m no longer sure. So, I’d like…

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360 degree feedback models - insightful or inhibiting?

Do 360 degree feedback models offer valuable insights or reinforce previously held inhibitors ? The concept of the 360 degree feedback model has been used extensively over the past 50 years. The foundation of the 360 degree model goes back to the work of Joseph Luft and Harry…

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