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Under My Umbrella

How can you cope when your boss provides you with less than ideal conditions to thrive and perform at your best? When you take a leadership position, it is often with a mixture of excitement and a little bit of fear, “Will I be successful?’  You s...

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Push vs Pull

If we are open and willing to learn, life has a way of teaching us by pulling us towards something. On my way down to London (again) recently, I got to thinking about pushing and pulling amongst all the jostling in airport security. It struck me, ...

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What do you think of it so far?

A business I was working with recently had been experiencing the impact of some personality clashes within their office team and, in one case, there was a call for some mediation to take place. I was quite looking forward to it. I do enjoy a bit of mediat...

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6 Myths About The Growth Mindset, Debunked

In the 1970s, researcher Carol Dweck – now a professor of psychology at Stanford University – began researching children’s abilities to bounce back from failure. She found to her surprise that some children didn’t need to “bounce back” at all;...

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How Inspirational is your Leadership?

Investing in our capacity for inspired leadership should be critical, right? Yet, even leaders who want to be senior leaders and are prepared to invest in this journey through coaching, often struggle when asked what is it that differentiates their leader...

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