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6 Myths About The Growth Mindset, Debunked

In the 1970s, researcher Carol Dweck – now a professor of psychology at Stanford University – began researching children’s abilities to bounce back from failure. She found to her surprise that some children didn’t need to “bounce back” at all;...

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How Inspirational is your Leadership?

Investing in our capacity for inspired leadership should be critical, right? Yet, even leaders who want to be senior leaders and are prepared to invest in this journey through coaching, often struggle when asked what is it that differentiates their leader...

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Building the thinking muscles of your team members

Time, and therefore money, is wasted by leaders who continue to perform tasks and make decisions that they are over-qualified and over-paid to perform. They should be coaching their willing and able team members to be independent, critical decision-makers...

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Stepping up as a leader – what to jettison to make room for people development

When we step up into a role that requires us to lead other people, that’s a big change. And yet, oftentimes, we make the mistake of treating it as business as usual. We simply tack leading people on top of all the other things we need to get done. The p...

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Playing Politics Authentically: The Paradox

I am being honest, I cannot remember a time when people have not be-moaned the fact that they can’t get stuff done because of office organisational politics or claim to have fallen foul of it and had their career damaged as a result. I have been working...

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