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Playing Politics Authentically: The Paradox

I am being honest, I cannot remember a time when people have not be-moaned the fact that they can’t get stuff done because of office organisational politics or claim to have fallen foul of it and had their career damaged as a result. I have been working...

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4 Top Tips for Developing an Environment of Trust and Connection

Cultivating an environment of connection and trust is a vital yet challenging task for leaders. No team or organisation can thrive without trust and connection, they help teams work together towards the achievement of meaningful goals.  Trust is what emp...

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"You don't need eyes to see, you need vision." Maxi Jazz

Inspiration comes from many sources... who'd have thought the dance band Faithless would inspire me to create a blog? The title of the blog is taken from one of their songs and it got me thinking about vision and leadership, and what we really see with ou...

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Vertical Development - How to Grow Up!

We used to think that adult - and leader - development stopped in early adulthood. It doesn’t. Not only can we continue grow in experience, knowledge and skill during adulthood (horizontal development), we can also transform how we see and relate to the...

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Which choice will you make to develop your leadership impact?

For a number of years now I’ve been sharing my personal views on some of the actions that leaders can take to improve your impact or effectiveness and to foster the right conditions around you to drive success for all. As a headline theme ponder this...

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