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Tips for testing out career options

The Oxford English Dictionary defines experimentation as ‘the action or process of trying out new ideas, methods, or activities.’ Testing assumptions is fundamental if we want to gain fresh insights and acquire new knowledge. Conducting experiments al...

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Frank the Frog and your Career Direction

Many years ago, Mike the Mentor as he is still known, told me that if a frog (let's call him Frank) is placed in a saucepan of hot water it will leap out of it; which seemed very sensible to me. However, if the frog was placed in cold water and the water...

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So you want promotion?

When people seek coaching they (or their organisation) are very often concerned with getting on.  How do they take the next step for promotion? Well, to answer that question it would be good to know how managers actually go about making those decision...

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Career growth not career path – the leader as career coach

In many sectors, career paths are not as clear as they once were. Organisations are flatter and the number of positions between division heads and CEOs has declined by 25%*. The route to the top is no longer likely to be a direct one. For Millennials, it...

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