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Managing remote workforce

Managing The Remote Workforce

The rise of remote and distributed workforces has necessitated new skills to manage teams and foster collaboration in virtual environments. This blog will discuss why leaders must embrace these new skills to ensure the longevity of their organisations.

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Language of Leaders... is it a dog's life in your team?

According to Neuroscience findings, certain phrases activate the hormone Cortisol in the brain. The team goes into “protect” mode, fearful of speaking up and making a mistake, where it's safer to just do their job and watch the clock.

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Holding your ground without losing your rag

However senior you are in an organisation there will be times when you find yourself in conversations with others who are critical of you or your staff or want you to make changes you’re unhappy about. These are some of the approaches I discuss with coachees who are facing…

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Talk to your Team

What is more challenging for you as a manager, talking to a large audience or speaking to an individual in your team about their poor performance? Many people say it's the public speaking gig. But a lot of managers avoid that 1:1 conversation. Do you avoid the 1:1…

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World Values Day

Who - or what - is pressing your buttons?

"When your core values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier" Roy Disney   'World Values Day' happens every year in October. It's an ideal opportunity to stop and take the time to think about your most deeply held values. What are Core…

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