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Talk to your Team

What is more challenging for you as a manager, talking to a large audience or speaking to an individual in your team about their poor performance? Many people say it's the public speaking gig. But a lot of managers avoid that 1:1 conversation. Do you ...

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conversational intelligence

Repetition, Misunderstandings and Repetition

"Awareness of, and training on, conversational intelligence can have a dramatic effect on the way our professional interactions turn out." One of the situations leaders frequently face is repeatedly telling stakeholders the same things. Often leaders a...

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Conversational Intelligence

How to Increase Your Conversational Intelligence as a Leader

How to Increase Your Conversational Intelligence as a Leader As a leader, you set the behavioural tone for your team and for your organisation or business as a whole. Whether consciously or unconsciously, you shape your culture through how you interact...

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World Values Day

Who - or what - is pressing your buttons?

"When your core values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier" Roy Disney   'World Values Day' happens every year in October. It's an ideal opportunity to stop and take the time to think about your most deeply held values. What a...

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Language of Leaders... is it a dog's life in your team?

Years ago I was invited to create a workshop called “Mind Your Language”.  It was for a roomful of engineers who worked globally and in multi-nationality teams.  The idea was to alert the Brits to speaking in a more accessible form of English and to...

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