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How much do you see Coach Supervision as ‘control’ or ‘guard rails’?

What is your view? What concerns or needs do you sense in yourself in getting the ideal supervision for yourself? How much do you see Coach Supervision as ‘control’ or ‘guard rails’?

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Porsche 911

No crash helmet required

Do we know how to show up as a Supervisee?  What to bring?  Do we know how to choose a supervisor?  Do we know whether we want group or 1-2-1 supervision? Do we know who we are as a coach? 

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What kind of coach supervision support are you seeking?

Like coaching, supervision can come in a variety of forms. These days I try to be clear about my qualifications and humble enough to express that I’m just one individual, feeling inspired to help other individuals in their development journey in using coaching skills. I…

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What is Team Coaching SUPERvision?

After initially defining SUPERvision and Team Coaching, this article shares both the importance of SUPERvision for Team Coaches, as well as distinctions between SUPERvision for Coaches who coach one-on-one or in groups. What is SUPERvision? Originating in the fields of therapy…

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Dr Brene Brown

Can your vulnerability as a coach get in your clients way?

Dr Brene Brown (2013) writes that ‘‘being’ rather than 'knowing' requires showing up and letting ourselves be seen’. Brown goes on to say ‘it requires us to dare greatly, to be vulnerable. To be vulnerable one needs the courage to surface and voice vulnerability’.…

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Newly Qualified Coach Supervision

Does a newly qualified coach need supervision?

Newly Qualified Coach Supervision? It is totally understandable that many newly qualified coaches lose confidence post qualification. Following the high of passing the rigour of their coaching assessment, pouring their hearts into reading, essay writing and the stress of the…

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