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Internal coaches need external supervisors

It’s considered best practice among professional coaches that they work with a supervisor, someone who creates space for them to reflect on their work. But how common is this among internal coaches? There’s a long tradition of supervision being pro...

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Physician Heal Thyself

A long, long time ago, when I first trained to be a coach, I remember one particular exercise I and my fellow trainees were asked to undertake.  It was very simple and very powerful and has stayed with me ever since.  In pairs, unsurprisingly, one of us...

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Confessions of a supervisor

I must confess, when I am supervising groups of coaches I sometimes come away somewhat disappointed.  All too often the coaches come from one of two stances.  They either come in 'lazy mode', where they haven't reflected on their own work but come inste...

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The Perils of Friendliness

I was reading an article in the Coaching Psychologist on the way to a client this morning.  The article reported some research into whether client factors – described as clients’ “core self-evaluations” - are a significant factor in the effective...

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Supervision - what's in a word?

I decided to write this article after reading an article in Coaching at Work which said that one of their participants at the conference suggested the word Supervision “sounds like you’ve done something wrong”. Louise Sheppard agreed “yes, it...

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