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The Perils of Friendliness

I was reading an article in the Coaching Psychologist on the way to a client this morning.  The article reported some research into whether client factors – described as clients’ “core self-evaluations” - are a significant factor in the effective...

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Supervision - what's in a word?

I decided to write this article after reading an article in Coaching at Work which said that one of their participants at the conference suggested the word Supervision “sounds like you’ve done something wrong”. Louise Sheppard agreed “yes, it...

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The essence of supervision; a coach's perspective

The start of a journey Nearly ten years ago, I actively decided from day one of my coach training that I would invest in coach supervision to support my journey. At the time I didn’t really understand what I was signing up to or just how powerful...

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Insights from a Supervisors chair…

Often coaches considering Supervision ask what will I get from this investment? Here with the kind permission of one of my coaches is an extract and insight into Supervision. Context: This coach client had received a present from a friend. The present is...

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Can your vulnerability as a coach get in your clients way?

Dr Brene Brown (2013) writes that ‘‘being’ rather than 'knowing' requires showing up and letting ourselves be seen’. Brown goes on to say ‘it requires us to dare greatly, to be vulnerable. To be vulnerable one needs the courage to surface and vo...

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