It could be that

  • you have been promoted and are struggling to be effective
  • you have received feedback that you would like to process and utilise?
  • you know there is more you could do but not sure where to start?
  • you have reached a plateau, or are you considering a how to change direction?

In Executive Coaching, you have a safe space to explore possibilities, identify practical and energising ways to move forward, and even try them out! Sessions are stretching and challenging as you explore different perspectives whilst being creative, flexible and practical.

Some topics that recent clients have worked through in their coaching sessions include:

  • Enhancing personal impact, performance
  • Leadership presence, building gravitas and confidence at Board level
  • Identifying solutions to specific work-related issues
  • Overcoming obstacles in achieving their career and developmental goals
  • Effectiveness in current role / promotion ambitions
  • Delivering in a role which is a step-up – dealing with imposter syndrome
  • Building the confidence to be effective in complex / changing circumstances
  • Strategies for managing stress, change, conflict or crisis.
  • Finding a career path that is rewarding and fulfilling
  • Self-motivation and finding a leadership style that is real and personal

Does any of this sounds like you and the situations you are facing?

If you would like to start exploring then get in touch with Madeline for a free 30 min taster session – or peruse the wide range of Executive Coaches on the Trusted Coach Directory.

Madeline Cranfield is a highly experience Executive coach. She has worked internationally for complex organisations across sectors as diverse as finance and engineering, FMCG and technology. She combines strong business skills in strategy implementation with an ability to engage and motivate people to deliver more of their potential utilising a behavioural approach.

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