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Go with the flow, the essence of Leadership

A river doesn’t wonder where it’s coming from and where it’s going. It just keeps moving. We are obsessed with plans, goals and results. We need to know, to evaluate and to make sure our way is the right way, but how do we know? Sometimes it is n...

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Four mistakes to avoid when it comes to workplace wellbeing

If you’re responsible for looking after people at work, I’m sure workplace wellbeing hasn’t been far from your mind over the last twelve months. And as a wellbeing coach and workplace psychologist, I know it’s been an urgent priority for organ...

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Shadow coaching, the Leadership booster

Many leaders have regular coaching. It is interesting to notice that sometimes, the behaviour of the leader doesn’t always improve with coaching. The person can be making great progresses on some specifics aspects but not obligatorily on the way he/she ...

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The art and power of re-framing perspectives about our beliefs!

One of the many artful skills of being a coach is supporting our client’s to shift their disempowering perspectives into more empowering ones!  There are always so many and varied ways of looking at things: different stories, beliefs and experiences w...

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The Links Between Coaching and Our Body

A concept exploring the parallels between the organs in our body and coaching How often when you’re coaching or in general conversation with someone who is speaking about a change or experience they’ve been through and they refer to parts of the bo...

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Get back in the driver’s seat

A simple fact to keep in mind is that when we are busy thinking or not paying attention to the present moment, our subconscious takes over. It is an amazing functionality of our brain to ensure that when we can’t pay attention to what happens, autopilot...

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Your leadership needs you to live in your body not in your mind!

Every day, every minute is a new opportunity to live your life differently, to develop your awareness, your conscience of yourself, alive in your body. Jon Kabat-Zinn always says: “Drop”. He means drop back in your body: allow yourself to feel your...

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The impact of loneliness and isolation on our health and wellbeing

“Loneliness is a discrepancy between what you want and what you have in your relationships.”  Prof John Cacioppo, Centre for cognitive and social neurosciences, University of Chicago. Human need for connection As human beings we are literally w...

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One conscious breath can change everything

During a normal day at work, so much can happen: a new request from your boss, a project that doesn’t go as expected, an last minute compulsory meeting, or whatever else that comes to stress you out. One conscious breath can change everything! Just l...

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Confessions of a Supervisee

I was talking with a colleague the other day about why I had wanted to become a supervisor, which I did some years ago now.  The main reasons I recalled were to do with supporting the coach community I’d set up back then and finding a deeper way to dev...

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