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A Personal Reflection - Becoming MCC and Letting Go Of My PCC Coaching

To me, MCC is about “being” – who you “be”, and becoming – who you are becoming, beginning to be.

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Multi-Party, Tripartite, 3-Way Contracting for Coaching

How do you, as the coach, create a safe space to ensure an open and honest discussion is had, to bring alignment in outcomes for both coachee and the sponsor/line manager?

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Make your Brand Human

You’re a coach who wants to make a difference for your clients, so how do you differentiate your business?  Answer: make your brand human and distinctive, and create authentic relationships 

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Leadership – a useful definition

People who are inspired get stuff done under their own steam. People who are not inspired need pushing, cajoling and incentivising to get stuff done – you have to drag them screaming and kicking, sometimes literally. So how do you inspire them en mass?

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The Importance of Workplace Wellness: Boosting Employee Health, Satisfaction, and Productivity

Engaging in wellness practices in the workplace can have a significant impact on employee health, satisfaction, and productivity. We explore the importance of workplace wellness and how leadership and coaching can help foster a healthy and productive work environment.

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How do we Thrive? Six questions to check.

It is our decision whether we grow or diminish. In a world that feels constantly changing, uncertain and difficult to navigate, we can start to check-in on ourselves – with some help from the six question areas that emerge from the word THRIVE.

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