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Do coaches help change behaviour or personality?

By Roy Childs PhD. Most coaches subscribe to the received wisdom that ‘coaches help change behaviour, NOT personality’. But this is based on certain assumptions that may not be entirely valid – one is practical and the other is ethical: The ...

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Navigating the continuum of mental health in a coaching session

Before you read on, I have a question for you. What is mental health? Does it relate to our cognitive function? Is it our emotional regulation? Is it the way our brain transmits and receives signals from the body moment to moment? Is it the way we c...

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Are We Truly Listening?

We hear the word 'listening' in various walks of life. Businesses say "we are listening to our customers"; politicians say "we are listening to the people"; parents say "we are listening to our children". The question I would put to you is: Are we l...

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ACDC – How to Maximise the Impact of Psychometric Feedback

You may like to consider what people find useful about any feedback, but this blog, written by Roy Childs PhD. is specifically about psychometric profile feedback. What I hear people say is: Me:        ‘How useful was the psychometric feedb...

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Leadership Mindset

Leading During a Crisis: Leadership Mindset and Skills

The various recent crises have put leadership and the leadership mindset under the spotlight around the world, from heads of state to business and public health leaders, we are all debating and assessing the quality of leadership we are experiencing. I...

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