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Six steps to inspire truly joined-up leadership in your business

I run a leadership development programme called Curated Leadership Conversations. I meet with leaders, put a leadership topic, concept or tool on the table and then we talk about it in the context of their business.

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What topics do coaching clients typically bring into sessions?

This is a question I often get asked by potential and new clients. Below, I have tried to summarise some of the most common themes, in no specific order:

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Who needs Executive Coaching?

Or as Marshall Goldsmith said “What got you here won’t get you there”! Many of us are successful, until we get a new role that requires something different. We find the old success formula doesn’t work, we are without the tools to be effective in the new environment.

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Adaptability and Resilience in Leadership

Leaders need to be more adaptable and resilient than ever before. They need the ability to pivot quickly, make decisions in ambiguous situations, and bounce back from setbacks. Whether it's a global pandemic or a sudden shift in the market, leaders who are able to adapt and…

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Leadership Coaching vs Leading with a Coaching Style

Understand the key differences between these two concepts and why understanding them can help boost your leadership skills and improve your team's performance.

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How effective communication can transform the way you lead your teams

Many of the leaders and managers I coach grapple with effective communication – it seems to be a frequent topic of conversation.

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