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Leadership Coaching vs Leading with a Coaching Style

Understand the key differences between these two concepts and why understanding them can help boost your leadership skills and improve your team's performance.

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How effective communication can transform the way you lead your teams

Many of the leaders and managers I coach grapple with effective communication – it seems to be a frequent topic of conversation.

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3 Branding Tips to Help Clients Remember your Coaching Business

Whether you’re a Leadership Coach, Executive Coach, Team Coach or specialise in another mode of coaching, it’s likely that your prospective clients will choose between your business and another. If you want to avoid the downward spiral of competing on price, here are 3…

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What coaching is not

It’s fine by me if people are a bit unsure about coaching as their development option. It does not upset me in the slightest if a future coachee confesses to a level of hesitancy or even cynicism. To be so open is welcome. It’s a data point. We can work with it. We can look…

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Exploring Values for Work and Life Fulfilment

Values awareness in the workplace serves as a powerful tool for personal and professional development, influencing motivation, decision-making, resilience, communication, and overall satisfaction in life.

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In-house coaches

The Challenges Faced by In-House Coaches

Explore the key challenges that in-house coaches face in these areas and some tips and advice on how to overcome them.

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