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How to stop a difficult conversation becoming a conflict

We all have to face up to difficult conversations, especially when we’re in roles of leadership and responsibility.  If we take time to think through the situation and prepare for the desired outcome, challenging situations become less stressful and le...

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Is TIME your enemy?

When TIME is your enemy

Is TIME your enemy? I’ve met a lot of leaders and mangers in my coaching practice and corporate life.  There are those who handle stress well and are, (sometimes irritatingly), calm and measured, reasonable and logical. There are some who are tightly ...

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Personal Branding

Personal Branding - How do others see you?

Personal Branding You enter a BRAND new world when you leave a company and your job, often at a timing not of your choosing. A key aspect to getting that next successful career move is 'personal branding'. Branding is a mix of how you portray yourself an...

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The power of re-framing perspectives about beliefs!

One of the many artful skills of being a coach is supporting our client’s to shift their disempowering perspectives into more empowering ones!  There are always so many and varied ways of re-framing perspectives: different stories, beliefs and experie...

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Career Direction

Frank the Frog and your Career Direction

Many years ago, Mike the Mentor as he is still known, told me that if a frog (let's call him Frank) is placed in a saucepan of hot water it will leap out of it; which seemed very sensible to me. However, if the frog was placed in cold water and the water...

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