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performance management

The Importance of Effective Performance Management

In this blog, we will discuss why effective performance management is vital for employee development and growth, as well as for the success of the organisation as a whole.

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Adaptability and Resilience in Leadership

Leaders need to be more adaptable and resilient than ever before. They need the ability to pivot quickly, make decisions in ambiguous situations, and bounce back from setbacks. Whether it's a global pandemic or a sudden shift in the market, leaders who are able to adapt and…

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Developing Effective Training Programs

HR coaches play a vital role in identifying training needs, developing effective training programs, and delivering training sessions to equip the employees with the desired knowledge and skills.

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Leadership Coaching vs Leading with a Coaching Style

Understand the key differences between these two concepts and why understanding them can help boost your leadership skills and improve your team's performance.

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In-house coaches

The Challenges Faced by In-House Coaches

Explore the key challenges that in-house coaches face in these areas and some tips and advice on how to overcome them.

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Is your coachee collecting stamps?

Collecting stamps is a term often used in Transactional Analysis to describe someone who is storing up emotions and feelings for things they may have buried or do not address. Sue Brown talks about the implications

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