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Change Your Perspectives, Change Your Experiences

During this uncertain time of the Covid-19 pandemic, it can be beneficial to learn practices to support our mental well-being by focusing on what we can control rather than the things we cannot. And as we find ourselves being bombarded by informatio...

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Leading with Impact and Presence

Using Personal Energy to create Impact and Presence as Leaders How often do you think about your personal energy and how you might use it to have greater impact and presence? Who you are as a leader is how you “show up” on a daily basis therefo...

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How do you help someone who is promoted before they are ready?

Someone being promoted before they're ready can be one of two scenarios. The first is a known risk. The leader is promoted with the full knowledge that they may not be capable of fulfilling the new role but the risk is seen as minimal or manageable withou...

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Mental wellbeing and mental illness – what should we be aware of as coaches?

Coaches have a professional responsibility to be able to: Identify the signs and behaviours that may indicate concern about a client’s mental wellbeing or possible mental illness. Recognise when we can support the client to bring about change. ...

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Understanding Redunancy and the Grief Cycle: How to support employees

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many organisations are having to make redundancies.  Redundancy and its aftermath are often compared to the experiences of people dealing with grief. This might sound alarming until one considers that grie...

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Setting intentions and knowing your purpose

The Question -  Helen Isacke asked Lesley Cave and me to stimulate some conversation about supervision in one of the Trusted Coach calls (If you have not joined them, they are well worth it) I love being challenged to do something like that. It makes...

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POST COVID-19 Futures for the Education Sector

In March 2020, Trajectory Partnership published a quick peek into the future titled “The Post Pandemic Consumer.”  With a longstanding interest in future trends and scenario building, I read with interest the trends identified in the paper under 4 ...

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Feelings matter; how well do you connect with yours?

I’ve owned one yo-yo in my life; it was bright orange and on one side it had a sticker of Donny Osmond. I think I was about ten years old when I bought it, with my pocket money.  Having not thought about it for decades, that yo-yo has been on my min...

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A Very Adult Conversation About Coaching Competencies

Lesley Cave and I (Fiona Elder) have combined a love of coaching with the desire to take complex subjects and start to explore and get to understand the newly defined ICF competencies. We are both PCC coaches and qualified supervisors who have come to the...

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Sustaining Productivity and Focus whilst Working from Home

If you are one of the many who has been thrust into a remote working environment since the lockdown in the UK, you may have been faced with an entirely new way of working with no time for preparation.  Whether you are loving the new situation or longing ...

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