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Rhythm of Being - Part Three - The Neuron and Synapse

 A concept exploring the parallels between the organs in our body, people in organisations, and coaching. This article is the continuation of “The Rhythm of Being” series. This time we think about the neuron (the nerve cell) and synapse.  INTR...

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Going round in circles: Coaching and the co-created pattern

Co-created patterns are situations in which two people become paired up in mutually reinforcing behaviour. Sometimes the co-created patterns are effective, leading to positive outcomes, and sometimes they are ineffective, leading to negative outcomes. ...

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Rhythm of Being - Part Two - The Skin

A concept exploring the parallels between the organs in our body, people in organisations, and coaching.  INTRODUCTION Do you ever think about how your body is functioning with all its incredible organs and connections? If we thought about it too m...

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Should we coach women and men differently?

It has become clear in this past year of crisis that women need support more than ever. How can we as coaches make a difference to our female clients if we don’t coach women differently from men? Just in the past week I have coached several women ...

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Rhythm of Being

A concept exploring the parallels between the organs in our body, people in organisations, and coaching. How often in conversation at work or in personal situations do you hear people use phrases that are associated with the body? For example - ‘it’s...

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Return on Investment vs Return on Expectations... which is right when evaluating coaching or leadership development?

Many moons ago when I was completing my CIPD qualifications I wrote a Management report called “Beyond the Happy Sheet” in which I explored how training and coaching is evaluated in the workplace. A chance conversation at the Trusted Coach Directory a...

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If you were really, really confident, what would you do?

Recognising it’s tough out there and that confidence is down, I’ve been running weekly sessions on Zoom about how to protect your confidence in tricky times. I believe confidence is the lifeblood of one’s business and, when it’s down, not much ...

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Driving Positive Behaviours

The last 12 months has shone a spotlight on how leaders are dealing with the impact of Covid-19 for themselves, their staff, and their business’s.  During this period of rapid change and transition, there is an increasing need to improve the way we sup...

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Virtual meetings and heart connection

We all know the trickiness of running efficient meetings on Zoom or Teams. Depending on the number of people present, the size of each person’s frame is like a stamp on a postcard from very far away. It sometimes feels like the smaller the frames, th...

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The Secret of Work Life Integration

With restrictions across the UK starting to ease, many of us are curious as to what kind of “new normal” will unfold.  There’s certainly one feature of the pandemic that looks like it is here to stay in some form, and that is a preference for home ...

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