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Repetition, Misunderstandings and Repetition

One of the situations leaders frequently face is repeatedly telling stakeholders the same things. Often leaders ascribe this to their direct reports and other staff not sufficiently understanding the task and instructions being set. But sometimes, often i...

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Untangling - with a 'Clean' approach to Supervision

Sam (not their real name): I have a client who sort of outmanoeuvres me; she keeps telling me what to do, how I could be running the sessions.  We’ve had three now but it’s sort of unsettling. Ken: And is there anything else about telling you what...

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Kindness in life, at work in being

Our capacity to give to another, to think of other’s needs before own and to love is the essence of being human. Such inner resources are our greatest wealth. It doesn’t cost anything to be kind in life, at work, in being. Kindness in life Being k...

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Managing Transition to Facilitate Change

Transitions are tough on everyone including senior executives, who we tend to assume are experienced enough to cope on their own. We need to support everyone through transitions, but especially senior executives, where the ripple effect is the greatest, b...

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Push vs Pull

If we are open and willing to learn, life has a way of teaching us by pulling us towards something. On my way down to London (again) recently, I got to thinking about pushing and pulling amongst all the jostling in airport security. It struck me, ...

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What do you think of it so far?

A business I was working with recently had been experiencing the impact of some personality clashes within their office team and, in one case, there was a call for some mediation to take place. I was quite looking forward to it. I do enjoy a bit of mediat...

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7 Practical Ways to Deal With Executive Burnout

In a previous article on burnout, I explained that despite the very real danger that burning out poses to an individual’s health and performance – and not just in the short-term – it is becoming ever more prevalent as the pace of life continues to i...

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The Difficulty and Dilemma of Burnout in Business

Burnout in business is a big issue. The World Health Organisation recently listed it as an official medical condition, and last year in the UK, 15.4 million working days were lost due to work-related stress, depression and anxiety. Overwhelm, stress, e...

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Tips for testing out career options

The Oxford English Dictionary defines experimentation as ‘the action or process of trying out new ideas, methods, or activities.’ Testing assumptions is fundamental if we want to gain fresh insights and acquire new knowledge. Conducting experiments al...

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Ready for a change?

“Where in your life and work are you experiencing something that is dying" "Where do you see something beginning or wanting to be born?” Otto Scharmer posed these questions in his book Leading from the Emerging Future, they are similar to the ques...

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