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Your leadership needs you to live in your body not in your mind!

Every day, every minute is a new opportunity to live your life differently, to develop your awareness, your conscience of yourself, alive in your body. Jon Kabat-Zinn always says: “Drop”. He means drop back in your body: allow yourself to feel your...

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The impact of loneliness and isolation on our health and wellbeing

“Loneliness is a discrepancy between what you want and what you have in your relationships.”  Prof John Cacioppo, Centre for cognitive and social neurosciences, University of Chicago. Human need for connection As human beings we are literally w...

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One conscious breath can change everything

During a normal day at work, so much can happen: a new request from your boss, a project that doesn’t go as expected, an last minute compulsory meeting, or whatever else that comes to stress you out. One conscious breath can change everything! Just l...

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Confessions of a Supervisee

I was talking with a colleague the other day about why I had wanted to become a supervisor, which I did some years ago now.  The main reasons I recalled were to do with supporting the coach community I’d set up back then and finding a deeper way to dev...

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A story of our times

The beginning of this story started late summer, 2020, a request came in from a client asking for support for their Senior Leadership Team with a series of short learning bites, entitled ‘Time To…..’ .  These sessions were to be no more than hour e...

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Ideas for supervision content: Objectivity and Evasiveness

I was always keen to become a supervisor because my coaching tends to support people who need to have good soft skills in collaborative work, which can mean coaching some of the time. I anticipated the supervisor challenge would naturally motivate me to r...

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Who else am I?

The familiar percussive music of the signature theme begins.  A contestant makes the short journey to the famous black chair.  She is asked her name.  Then she is asked her occupation. I find myself wondering, why this second question?  I suppose i...

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The missing piece in supporting internal coaches

All professionals need to make time regularly to reflect on their work and how they are developing in the role they play in the workplace. This helps keep their expertise up to date but also supports their wellbeing. It stops us falling into habitual ways...

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New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work – or perhaps they can

2 Tools for the New Year Although the New Year is an arbitrary date, we human beings are programmed to symbolic beginnings and endings and invest heavily in the power of renewal and the new start. And so, many of us began the New Year with resolutions ...

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Who is the world calling you to be?

What a year 2020 has been!  How do we begin to find purpose and meaning in a year which, on the surface, has brought so much uncertainly, chaos and anxiety to so many people around the globe? It is easy to look back and be grateful for the times that ...

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