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Case Study - From Hesitant Team Leader to Future Leading Light

The Challenge Sarah had been managing an operational team for a few years that had consistently delivered on its targets; in her individual appraisals, Sarah ‘exceeded expectation’ and had been identified, based on competence, as ready to take on a...

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The Engaging Questions

The Engaging Questions are set out in the latest book called 'Triggers' by master coach, Marshall Goldsmith. In it, Mr Goldsmith confronts the subject of change and how we can improve our odds of successfully achieving our goals. According to Mr Goldsmith...

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Which choice will you make to develop your leadership impact?

For a number of years now I’ve been sharing my personal views on some of the actions that leaders can take to improve your impact or effectiveness and to foster the right conditions around you to drive success for all. As a headline theme ponder this...

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From self-awareness to sustainable change

This is the first of a short series of case studies on real coaching situations and how they have helped my coachees (sometimes called the players) create an action-orientation which will drive sustainable change and, of course, a step-up in their perform...

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How High is your Conversational IQ?

EQ, IQ, Conversational IQ – how many intelligences are there? Howard Gardener, in his 1983 book, talked about multiple intelligences, naming eight: musical-rhythmic, visual-spatial, verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic, interp...

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Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing At Work

In September 2017, I went to a very interesting mini conference on Mental Health and Wellbeing At Work hosted by Unipart in Oxford. The 10th October was National Mental Health Day with lots of activity on social media, in the press and celebrities tal...

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My Story - Steps Towards Bliss

"Not that I’m going to live through something exactly the way anyone else has, but the purpose of the map is to show us how. And then I take my own steps." - from Storycatcher by Christina Baldwin Over the years many clients and colleagues hav...

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How good are you at telepathy and mindreading at work?

Telepathy and mindreading in the workplace This is based on the many times that I have coached managers and discussed a team member’s poor performance. I ask, ‘Have you actually discussed this with them?’ They reply, ‘Well, not in so many word...

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Does stuff from work contaminate your family time? Here’s one solution...

Many a time I’ve had clients talk to me about how upset they become that they allow their work to impact badly their family.  They’re stressed at work or just have a lot on their mind at the time.  They might think they’re fine but before they kno...

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Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins and the Perfectionist Trap by Louise Rodgers

Louise Rodgers writes... I once had a boss who, in a moment of characteristic levity, said that he thought I was “practically perfect in every way”. I took a while to digest this, struggling with a self-image of floating through the air with the ai...

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