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The Difficulty and Dilemma of Burnout in Business

Burnout in business is a big issue. The World Health Organisation recently listed it as an official medical condition, and last year in the UK, 15.4 million working days were lost due to work-related stress, depression and anxiety. Overwhelm, stress, e...

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Tips for testing out career options

The Oxford English Dictionary defines experimentation as ‘the action or process of trying out new ideas, methods, or activities.’ Testing assumptions is fundamental if we want to gain fresh insights and acquire new knowledge. Conducting experiments al...

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Ready for a change?

“Where in your life and work are you experiencing something that is dying" "Where do you see something beginning or wanting to be born?” Otto Scharmer posed these questions in his book Leading from the Emerging Future, they are similar to the ques...

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How to Increase Your Conversational Intelligence as a Leader

As a leader, you set the behavioural tone for your team and for your organisation or business as a whole. Whether consciously or unconsciously, you shape your culture through how you interact with the people around you, how you communicate and how you tre...

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Succeed at being YOU

Inspiration for blogs comes in the strangest of ways sometimes. I was at the cinema on Saturday, gripped by Marvel Avengers Endgame. If you've seen it, you'll know that Thor has something of a tough time in this movie, suffering from depression and grief....

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How These Six Strategies Can Help You Adopt A Growth Mindset

In my previous article, we explored the difference between what Stanford professor of psychology Carol Dweck has termed the ‘growth mindset’ and the ‘fixed mindset’ – two contrasting frames of mind that dramatically impact how an individual perc...

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Transitions – Transformational vs Transactional

I’ve noticed something about transition coaching (especially outplacement coaching).  Some outplacement companies support their clients through the transactional side of finding a new job.  Things like writing their CV, applying for roles, composing a...

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6 Myths About The Growth Mindset, Debunked

In the 1970s, researcher Carol Dweck – now a professor of psychology at Stanford University – began researching children’s abilities to bounce back from failure. She found to her surprise that some children didn’t need to “bounce back” at all;...

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Developing awareness around external triggers

In my last post I talked about a client who had been unaware of a serious problem perceived by his boss. Of course it’s not uncommon that a CEO has a perspective as yet unavailable to others in their organisation. A leader being informed of a deficit is...

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In all chaos there is a cosmos

Carl Jung said: "In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order." When you look at The Cosmos, or The Milky Way, from a distance it's possible to see that there's a structure, an order, to all the stars and planets in the system. Our so...

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