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Tips for Leading through Difficult Times

We all go through tough times in life as well as enjoying triumphs. If you lead a team and are tasked with communicating difficult messages, how you talk can be crucial to the way information lands as what you say. Consider the following ideas: Make it...

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Thinking about Stress

This Wednesday (7th November) it’s National Stress Awareness Day 2018 and it’s a great reminder to check in with our own stress levels. I worked in Occupational Health nursing and management for over 30 years and sadly saw plenty of stress cases, oft...

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The essence of supervision; a coach's perspective

The start of a journey Nearly ten years ago, I actively decided from day one of my coach training that I would invest in coach supervision to support my journey. At the time I didn’t really understand what I was signing up to or just how powerful...

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4 Top Tips for Developing an Environment of Trust and Connection

Cultivating an environment of connection and trust is a vital yet challenging task for leaders. No team or organisation can thrive without trust and connection, they help teams work together towards the achievement of meaningful goals.  Trust is what emp...

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Who - or what - is pressing your buttons?

"When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier" Roy Disney   Thursday 18th October is 'World Values Day'. It's an ideal opportunity to stop and take the time to think about your most deeply held values. What are Values?...

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"You are not listening to me!"

People long to be heard by others, yet listening in a way that ensures that the speaker feels understood is hard to do and rarely encountered.  Why is that?  The riposte, ‘you are not listening to me!’ often comes when an individual has expressed ne...

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The Power of Dialogue in Coaching

Have you ever been in the situation where someone said something that made you so angry that you reacted defensively?  I have.  It is usually when I feel that either I am or someone close to me is being criticised unfairly…in my opinion.  My reaction...

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"You don't need eyes to see, you need vision." Maxi Jazz

Inspiration comes from many sources... who'd have thought the dance band Faithless would inspire me to create a blog? The title of the blog is taken from one of their songs and it got me thinking about vision and leadership, and what we really see with ou...

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What Matters Most

“One dark night a plane crashed in Florida. Over 100 people were killed. It was just 20 miles from safety. After the accident, investigators tried to determine the cause. The landing gear had indeed lowered properly.  The plane was in perfect condit...

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Getting out of the corner

Sue was feeling really stuck with feelings of inadequacy in her new role. Despite a string of qualifications and plenty of experience, she was fundamentally worried that she wasn't up to the demands of her recent promotion. We used an exercise based on Cl...

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