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The two-hour coaching session is a thing of the past

Coaching in an organisational context has evolved and developed in many ways over the last two decades. Two of the leading trends as we entered 2020 were the impact of technology, with more coaching sessions taking place by video conference than in-person...

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The four legs of my sturdy table

I’ve come to understand that my business has four pillars. Metaphorically speaking, they’re the four legs of a table that can hold the weight of my customers’ aspirations. The four legs are 1) my mindset, 2) marketing, 3) value pricing and 4) del...

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What do I do as a coach when I've used up all of my tools?

“We only have two sessions left and I’m no closer to achieving the outcomes I’m being paid for.” Jeremy said. Jeremy is an experienced coach, with the grey hair and wrinkles of a life well lived. He’s been coaching since forever and there’s...

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Coaches - Our Time is Now

We are facing uncertain times. There is a bombardment of data, we humans, are in danger of becoming overwhelmed and overloaded. Fears of threats, some unknown, real and/ or imagined Yet, we are designed to accommodate threats; to handle the immediacy o...

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Leading During a Crisis: Leadership Mindsets and Skills

The Covid-19 Crisis has put leadership under the spotlight around the world, from heads of state to business and public health leaders, we are all debating and assessing the quality of leadership we are experiencing. In April 2020, just as LockDown was...

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The natural way to change – become more of who you are

A professional coach will interrupt your story, but not your thinking. That’s because coaching is a partnership between the coach and you, the thinker, with the aim being to explore new thinking. New thinking is necessary to get somewhere new. It ...

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Redundancy - how to get it right

Outplacement - you love or hate the word, or perhaps you’ve never heard of it?  Outplacement is a programme,  paid for by an employer who is implementing a redundancy programme, which supports the employees who are being displaced.  It is a term fami...

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“We don’t need a team coach thanks”

Five reasons people give to avoid team coaching Team coaching has a positive impact on both individuals and organisations. A team coach will boost team performance, build team capability, improve team capacity and ensure that the whole team feels inspire...

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Alone Together in Time

In a time and place far, far away, when it was not unusual for someone to spend their whole career in one organisation, they would, when they retired from it, be given a gold watch.  The symbolism is obvious, of course: after having given the majority of...

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Case Study: Coaching to prevent leaders from derailing

Leadership derailment is often a hidden issue but we see some very public examples: Fred Goodwin, RBS, £24billion loss; Carlos Ghosn, Nissan, Financial misconduct; Dick Fuld, Lehman Bros, largest bankruptcy in US history; Bob Diamond, Barclays, ...

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