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What we can measure we can manage.….when the measurements are timely.

Me: “What measures do you have in the business we can use to evaluate the effectiveness of the coaching” Client: “Well a key measure for this leader would be employee engagement” Me: “How often do you run your survey and when was the last ...

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How to make an impact: the art of successful networking

Impact is everything. You know when someone has it. They light up a room when they walk in. There is an aura of energy which draws others to them. It’s the foundation of personal success at work, at home and in your social life too. It is something to d...

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Talk to your Team

What is more challenging for you as a manager, talking to a large audience or speaking to an individual in your team about their poor performance? Many people say it's the public speaking gig. But a lot of managers avoid that 1:1 conversation. Do you ...

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Reflection's Oasis for Busy People in Busy Times

Is reflection an antidote to the relentless pressure and changes that we are faced with on a constant basis? Coaching Supervisor Elaine Patterson considers this question in Association of Coaching Global Perspectives Magazine. As Elaine writes in the I...

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Language of Leaders... is it a dog's life in your team?

Years ago I was invited to create a workshop called “Mind Your Language”.  It was for a roomful of engineers who worked globally and in multi-nationality teams.  The idea was to alert the Brits to speaking in a more accessible form of English and to...

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How to implement a coaching culture: 8 steps for driving ROI

As someone who champions the huge benefits coaching can bring to a business, I’m often asked about the best way to implement it. Most professionals who come to me to discuss coaching are already advocates of its effectiveness, but they sometimes face ch...

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To Succeed at Work, Believe in Yourself

What do you think stops you from being as successful as you'd hoped for at work? Do you blame the lack of opportunities and roles that you think would be a good next step for you? Perhaps you think that lack of flexibility or an unfair or biased promo...

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Seven tips to win the hearts and minds of clients

What wins hearts and minds and earns the long-term loyalty of clients? Creating mutually satisfying and long-lasting relationships mean genuinely putting the interests of clients first. This is a conscious strategy that requires deliberate steps to under...

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“You’re all grown ups. Just get on with it.”

I surprised a colleague the other day when I shared Ruth Wageman’s research conclusion that “(leadership) teams do not improve markedly even if all of their members receive individual coaching to develop their personal abilities”. At first it may...

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Can you recommend a good coach?

Any professional sportsman or woman worth their salt works with a coach. Not because they have a problem, but because they want to excel at their sport, to be the best they can be. It’s the same in business. Senior Executives, leaders and managers ar...

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