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When can we expect coaches to be replaced by Robots?

It may have taken 26 years, but I was delighted to attend the EMCC’s first UK based conference on 16 January - the topic was ‘future proofing your practice’.  There were many enjoyable elements to the day, the networking, the breakout sessions but ...

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Why Ask?

Why ask? As leaders we can often feel like we need to provide answers and give good advice.   Using our experience and skills in this way provides value added for the organisation, and to a certain extent helps us to feel good about ourselves as we f...

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Confessions of a supervisor

I must confess, when I am supervising groups of coaches I sometimes come away somewhat disappointed.  All too often the coaches come from one of two stances.  They either come in 'lazy mode', where they haven't reflected on their own work but come inste...

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Why Does Mindset Matter in Leadership?

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t — you’re right,” said Henry Ford. I believe Henry Ford was speaking about a term called Mindset: whether you believe that qualities such as intelligence and talent are fixed, or can be developed. ...

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You don't have to HAVE BEEN successful to BE successful. 

You don't have to HAVE BEEN successful to BE successful.  THE PAST DOES NOT EQUAL THE FUTURE!  Sometimes we just need to get out of our own way.  I work with women, entrepreneurs and leaders, and I run my own business. I would be rich beyond m...

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Under My Umbrella

How can you cope when your boss provides you with less than ideal conditions to thrive and perform at your best? When you take a leadership position, it is often with a mixture of excitement and a little bit of fear, “Will I be successful?’  You s...

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Empowering Your Employees to Thrive

As leaders, one of our primary focusses is empowering our employees to thrive.  So how might we do that?  First and foremost we must believe in them.  Believe they have good intentions, be secure in the knowledge that they have the skills and the tools...

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7 habits to build deep self-confidence.

This is my third article from “On the road to success”. First article:  Fear: The wild horse that will make you win the race. Second one: Why is failure your best currency to buy success? Let me start by making an important distinction:  Se...

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Why is failure your best currency to buy success?

This is my second article from “On the road to success”. First article Fear: The wild horse that will make you win the race. Last year, I participated in a public speaking training course. Organisers selected a few random speakers to come forwar...

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Seeking insight, happiness, success? Then start with the cornerstone.

Self-awareness is defined as knowing oneself and being conscious of how others see us. These two abilities reinforce each other. Knowing ourselves means understanding our strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes and aspirations. Knowing how others see us me...

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