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Can your vulnerability as a coach get in your clients way?

Dr Brene Brown (2013) writes that ‘‘being’ rather than 'knowing' requires showing up and letting ourselves be seen’. Brown goes on to say ‘it requires us to dare greatly, to be vulnerable. To be vulnerable one needs the courage to surface and vo...

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Coaching ROI

How do you demonstrate Coaching ROI?

Most investments in business have to demonstrate their value, often using ROI as the method of calculating this.  Whilst there is an abundance of evidence demonstrating the value to be gained from coaching, very few businesses measure it in financial or ...

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So you want promotion?

When people seek coaching they (or their organisation) are very often concerned with getting on.  How do they take the next step for promotion? Well, to answer that question it would be good to know how managers actually go about making those decision...

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People pleasing

That people pleasing trap

This blog post is an extract from the award-winning book, The Coach's Casebook, I wrote with Kim Morgan.   ‘I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure – which is: Try to please everybody.’ HERBERT...

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Change Agents

Change Agents - Look Inwards First As Coach

“How can I get the engineers to…?” “How can I get my manager to…?” “How can I get my customers to…?” “How can I get my colleague to…?” Coaches are change agents - that is they are agents of change. They are there to help those ...

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Are you ready for change?

Petals fall from the last rose of summer. Autumn is here. Watching the petals peel away from the roses in my garden, my mind turns to the nature of change. Change is an event. Like moving from one season to another. Transition is about the process of acce...

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What’s love got to do with it? How to ask for, and get a pay rise

What’s love got to do with it? Nothing – I couldn’t find a song title with ‘value’ in it! First, some actual news on the current state of gender equality that we’d like to be ‘fake’: although women demand a pay rise as much as men, men...

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How do you Stand Out from the Coaching Crowd?

In a rapidly expanding coaching sector when you provide a similar service to your coaching colleagues, how do YOU stand out from the crowd? The answer is – use the media! Follow these fives easy steps recommended by our PR expert Tracy Dickerson to g...

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A great way for you to test critical career decisions. Make sure you make the right choice.

There are times in our lives and careers where we need to make big, and often really hard, decisions. Do I stay where I am, where I’m proven, or risk what I’ve got for what might be a fantastic next step… but might not be…. There are so many v...

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How do you choose the right Executive Coach for YOU?

When I ask HR managers and senior leaders how they source an external Executive Coach, most people say that they find coaches through 'word of mouth'. This feels safe because the coach is coming highly recommended. But this doesn't necessarily g...

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