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How do you choose the right Executive Coach for YOU?

When I ask HR managers and senior leaders how they source an external Executive Coach, most people say that they find coaches through 'word of mouth'. This feels safe because the coach is coming highly recommended. But this doesn't necessarily g...

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Who are you being at work? Identity and Authentic Leadership.

Some people have a tendency to compartmentalise their personalities and identity. It’s like we are one person at work and another person elsewhere. Some do this consciously, others unconsciously. I strongly believe this is a big mistake when it comes to...

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Seven tips for a successful mentoring relationship

Being mentored can be an amazing experience. A mentoring relationship has many benefits not least the support, guidance and advice from someone who has experienced the issues that you may be facing. Great mentors assist their mentee to set personal develo...

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To Keep Your Balance, Keep Moving Forward

As a keen cyclist, I have followed the exploits of riders in the Tour de France closely during July. There are mixed views about how dramatic or otherwise the Tour has been, but the time margins have certainly been smaller than in previous years. This has...

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Career growth not career path – the leader as career coach

In many sectors, career paths are not as clear as they once were. Organisations are flatter and the number of positions between division heads and CEOs has declined by 25%*. The route to the top is no longer likely to be a direct one. For Millennials, it...

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Time for GROW to grow?

As a qualified coach Michael Schofield has been working with senior leaders in the public and private sector for 15 years, helping them to identify opportunities to develop their leadership and communication skills. As a tutor on the new Postgraduate co...

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How to lead effectively in a VUCA world

The turbulence of change is so commonplace these days that the business world has adopted the label VUCA - Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous - from the military, who originally coined the term to describe the conditions they were facing in places...

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How to achieve maximum value when working with a coach

My client was highly stressed, losing sleep and hair.  When I first met her, she was pale, had tired grey rings around her eyes and looked visibly hunched. I heard she was really struggling with her workload, working long hours, finding it difficult to b...

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The Power of a Mindset

I first heard about Mindset and the work of Carol Dweck from Matthew Syed, he was the keynote speaker at a conference I attended.  His book Bounce in which he talks about Dweck, is an entertaining read and a good introduction to the world of mindsets.  ...

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Make a strong connection with ‘Remote Coaching’

Executive Coach Alison Haill has been conducting Remote Coaching for over 15 years, alongside coaching clients in person face-to-face. Alison has coached internationally by phone and video (including by audio/visual Skype) with clients in India, Norway,...

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