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Creating emotional connections with your team

As a leader, motivating your team is key. Celebrating wins without generating complacency, achieving goals without risking burnout, etc. With the inevitable ups and downs of delivering daily tasks, and keeping to the long term plan, helping them to develo...

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How to Listen at a Deeper Level

In times of great uncertainty, the need to listen well becomes even more important, as listening is at the heart of effective communication.  Done well, listening can build and nurture relationships, transform individuals and create breakthroughs.  We a...

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Building the thinking muscles of your team members

Time, and therefore money, is wasted by leaders who continue to perform tasks and make decisions that they are over-qualified and over-paid to perform. They should be coaching their willing and able team members to be independent, critical decision-makers...

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Empowering Generative Change

The coach state is a state of mind and physical being that has been developed by the International Association for Generative Change (IAGC).  The IAGC was founded by Robert Dilts (A thought leader in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and St...

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Stepping up as a leader – what to jettison to make room for people development

When we step up into a role that requires us to lead other people, that’s a big change. And yet, oftentimes, we make the mistake of treating it as business as usual. We simply tack leading people on top of all the other things we need to get done. The p...

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We are all Adults, aren't we?

Have you noticed when some people walk into a room during a social event the whole dynamic seems to change? There is a real energy about them, which is truly infectious – people start picking up on this. The conversation levels increase, people in turn ...

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Every new beginning starts with an ending

Every new beginning starts with an ending. The new beginning will be much bumpier if the ending is incomplete. You’ll still be carrying baggage that will weigh you down and hold you back. So if you are starting a new role, stepping up into a new l...

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Managing Performance - are you avoiding it?

It’s all too easy for managers to delegate the task of ‘managing performance’ to the HR department, after all, isn’t that what the HR department is there for? Or is it? Who should really be taking responsibility, and taking action? HR or the line ...

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What can a box of buttons do for your client?

You’d be amazed I always am.  It’s incredible what clients do with a button.  All of a sudden the button takes on a persona, an emotion, a hurt, a meaning, a frustration. It can be tapped, and stroked, rubbed between thumb and fingers. It can be ...

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Playing Politics Authentically: The Paradox

I am being honest, I cannot remember a time when people have not be-moaned the fact that they can’t get stuff done because of office organisational politics or claim to have fallen foul of it and had their career damaged as a result. I have been working...

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