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By Ali Stewart|30.07.2020

Pioneering Professional: Self-Directing Skills for Life

What makes high fliers fly? Are you curious about what really successful people do? Do you wonder how some people become very successful very quickly and still seem to have a great life outside work? Others, who work very hard, struggle to achieve this same kind of success. Discover the self-directing skills for life and become a high flier in your field.

By Ali Stewart|30.07.2020

Insights Into Liberating Leadership

This Amazon best-seller isn’t just about leadership. It will help you to create the legacy you want to leave. Insights into Liberating Leadership will help free you from people problems, giving yourself more time to focus on the tasks that matter; tasks that make a real difference to your business.

By Simon Hague|08.07.2020

Tools of the Trade - by Simon Hague

We often forget that being a coach involves running a business and that running a business means that you have to dip into areas that you are perhaps not comfortable in.

Conversion Optimised Web Design for Coaches

Member resource

By Helen Isacke|16.06.2020

Website Design Quote Tool by Nerd Cow

If you are concerned that your website isn’t working for you as well as it should, perhaps it’s time to talk to an expert who can help you.

By Sarah Heap|11.06.2020

How to Network (Online and Offline) successfully as a Coach

Expert Interview: Will Kintish, (Mr Networking!) talks about how being a good networker can help you as a coach, how to ‘let go’ if a dislike of Networking is becoming a barrier, the key attribute of a good networker, how online networking differs or not, from face to face and more.

Member resource

By Helen Isacke|10.06.2020

Special Rate from Balens - Combined Liability Insurance

TCD is pleased to be working alongside Balens to provide a bespoke insurance scheme for our members. Balens are a well-established, fourth generation family business who specialise in providing insurance cover for Health & Wellbeing practitioners and organisations. Balens have always regarded claims support, quality cover and personal service as their main strengths.

By Maria Iliffe-Wood|03.06.2020

The world needs coaches who are not too tired to be present

Maria Iliffe-Wood talks about the importance of taking care of ourselves as coaches if we are to be able to help our clients going forward, particularly during and moving out of the pandemic.

By Helen Isacke|22.05.2020

Voicing Possibilities Coaching Cards

Voicing Possibilities Coaching Cards – full of energy; they are a new resource designed to support the work of coaches, consultants, supervisors and mediators.

By Sarah Heap|21.05.2020

How to Write and Publish a Business Building Book

Expert Interview: Sue Richardson, MD of The Right Book Company talks about, what is involved in the business book writing and publishing process, the importance of positioning and titling, how your book gets sold and the first step to take.

Member resource

By Sarah Heap|05.05.2020

How to get a Book Published that can Build your Expert Profile as a Coach

Expert Interview: 'The Endless Bookcase' Carl French will talk about, how having a published book helps to build a coach’s profile and position in the market place, important considerations when deciding on the subject/title, what types of books a coach could write, advice how to choose the type of book to write (shorter e book V normal paperback), publishing options in the marketplace and the first step to getting a book published if anyone listening is interested.

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