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By Richard MacKinnon|27.09.2023

Procrastination: the stories we tell ourselves

In this video, Dr. Richard MacKinnon explores procrastination from the perspective of the 'stories' we tell ourselves to justify delays.

By Helen Isacke|25.09.2023

The 5-Step Path to Fostering a Growth Mindset

We know that adopting a growth mindset reaps considerable rewards.

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By Sarah Heap|21.09.2023

The ChrisLin Method: 5 Steps for Working Creatively with Imagery & Metaphor

A step-by-step guide to facilitating lasting transformation, presented in a practical, clear and approachable way, The ChrisLin Method deserves a prominent place in any practitioner’s toolkit.

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By Sarah Heap|14.09.2023

Culture Map: Decoding How People Think, Lead, and Get Things Done Across Cultures

In The Culture Map, Erin Meyer provides a field-tested model for decoding how cultural differences impact international business. She combines a smart analytical framework with practical, actionable advice for succeeding in a global world.

By Helen Isacke|08.08.2023

Breaking the mould - Roles v Personality

Team Focus offer solutions that address some of the biggest criticisms of psychometric questionnaires.

By Helen Isacke|25.07.2023

How to use Belbin reports to raise self-awareness and increase personal effectiveness

Everyone has something to contribute to a team, but it can be difficult to establish and articulate exactly what that contribution might be.

By Richard MacKinnon|10.07.2023

Having Difficult Conversations

In this video. Dr. Richard MacKinnon explores why some conversations at work are so uncomfortable, how we can deal with the psychological discomfort, and ensure we're having more of the conversations that really matter

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By Sarah Heap|15.06.2023

SIMPLIFYING COACHING: How to Have More Transformational Conversations by Doing Less

“This is the kind of book that, after reading, you will want to have nearby for easy reference and reminders. I suspect that the well-worn pages will be a symbol of the book’s lasting contribution to coaching – and to transformational conversations. A clear, concise summation of coaching that will benefit the new and the seasoned coach alike.” —J. Val Hastings, MCC and President of Coaching4TodaysLeaders and Coaching4Clergy

By Richard MacKinnon|07.06.2023

Overwhelmed and stressed: are your habits making things worse?

Nobody wants to feel overwhelmed and stressed. Yet sometimes, our own habits make this situation more likely.

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By Sarah Heap|16.05.2023

Being Supervised: A Guide for Supervisees

Being Supervised: A Guide for Supervisees provides a complete introduction to help supervisees and supervisors to get the most out of supervision and reap its unique and substantial benefits.

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