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By Helen Isacke|22.05.2020

Voicing Possibilities Coaching Cards

Voicing Possibilities Coaching Cards – full of energy; they are a new resource designed to support the work of coaches, consultants, supervisors and mediators.

By Sarah Heap|21.05.2020

How to Write and Publish a Business Building Book

Expert Interview: Sue Richardson, MD of The Right Book Company talks about, what is involved in the business book writing and publishing process, the importance of positioning and titling, how your book gets sold and the first step to take.

By Sarah Heap|05.05.2020

How to get a Book Published that can Build your Expert Profile as a Coach

Expert Interview: 'The Endless Bookcase' Carl French will talk about, how having a published book helps to build a coach’s profile and position in the market place, important considerations when deciding on the subject/title, what types of books a coach could write, advice how to choose the type of book to write (shorter e book V normal paperback), publishing options in the marketplace and the first step to getting a book published if anyone listening is interested.

By Sarah Heap|05.05.2020

How to Engage an Online Audience Online when Coaching, Training or Running Meetings

Expert Interview: Roger Fairhead talks about how the online differs from the physical environment, what mistakes should be avoided when working in an online environment, how you best manage an interactive session with an online audience and tools and techniques to engage an online audience.

By Helen Isacke|30.04.2020

Cutting through the noise on LinkedIn

Jackie Jarvis, the Walking Business Coach, interviews Matthew Broadbent co-founder of The Pro’s Group.

Member resource

By Helen Isacke|27.04.2020

Starter Websites by Studio Stanley

Studio Stanley has offered TCD members (coaches listed on TCD and Community Coach members) a generous discount of £100, which means you get a great looking website for just £500.

By Helen Isacke|21.04.2020

Leading Through a Crisis

Helen Isacke interviews Executive Coach Anne Birch, where Anne shares her experience and tips for Leading Through a Crisis

By Richard MacKinnon|08.04.2020

"Working from home in a crisis"

Given only a third of the UK workforce have ever worked from home before, this sudden change to our routines and habits is unsettling. Additionally, many of us are trying to work at home alongside family members, while balancing childcare and even education!

By Helen Isacke|07.04.2020

Resilience: How to Maintain Inner Strength in Challenging Times

Founder of the Trusted Coach Directory Helen Isacke interviews Executive Coach Alison Haill, discussing 'How to Maintain Inner Strength in Challenging Times'.

By Helen Isacke|07.04.2020

Working from home: remaining effective and productive

This webcast, first broadcast on 18th March 2020, focuses on how to deal with suddenly working from home. With no obvious end in sight to this global disruption, it’s key that we manage ourselves and our approach to home-working in a sustainable and healthy way. Dr. Richard MacKinnon explores the role of habit and mindset when it comes to resilient responses to disruption

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