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By Sarah Heap|16.05.2023

Being Supervised: A Guide for Supervisees

Being Supervised: A Guide for Supervisees provides a complete introduction to help supervisees and supervisors to get the most out of supervision and reap its unique and substantial benefits.

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By Sarah Heap|16.05.2023

The Restless Executive: Reclaim your values, love what you do and lead with purpose

A major shift is stirring in the corporate world today. Leaders at all levels are feeling a sense of restlessness, with many questioning the value of what they do and why they do it. Intuitively they already know there is a different way to operate - to show up, honour their values, build trust and positively influence others…and now finally here is a road map that shows them how, from the inside out!

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By Sarah Heap|16.05.2023

How to Feel Better: 4 Steps to Self-Coach Your Way to a Happier More Authentic You

When we feel broken we look to be fixed, we consume books, have therapy, diet, whatever it takes! BUT true self development is not about being 'fixed' it's about accepting the parts of yourself and then enhancing who we already are.

By Richard MacKinnon|11.05.2023

Coaching: it's not just goals!

In this video, Richard McKinnon explores one of the many misconceptions about coaching: that it's just goal-setting.

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By Sarah Heap|09.05.2023

Coaching Supervision Groups: Resourcing Practitioners

Coaches, mentors and other practitioners looking for a Supervision Group experience will gain insights into the range of opportunities available, opening myriad possibilities for furthering personal and professional learning.

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By Sarah Heap|09.05.2023

Where Did You Learn To Behave Like That? A Coaching Guide For Working With Leaders

In this book, Sarah Hill provides a conceptual and practical framework for doing this work with leaders.

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By Sarah Heap|09.05.2023

Smart Career Moves for Smart Women: How to Succeed in Career Transitions

The insights and actionable steps contained in this book make it an invaluable resource for professional women looking to achieve success and navigate the transitional stages of their career, re-enter the workplace after a career break, or who simply want to develop the tools and skills to make smart career moves.

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By Sarah Heap|27.04.2023

The Should Stick: Stop Being a People Pleaser, It's Time to Be You

The Should Stick offers a simple message about the power of being yourself.

By Richard MacKinnon|06.02.2023

Are you planning, predicting or playwriting? with Dr Richard MacKinnon

It's so easy for us to go 'time-traveling' in our mind, but not all of the thoughts we have about the future are equally helpful or even enjoyable.

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By Sarah Heap|24.01.2023

The Coaching Solopreneur: How to build a coaching business with sustainable foundations

It’s tough to find someone who can help, but you will find that help here. Time to get started.

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