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By Clare Beckett-McInroy|08.09.2020

CoachME Coaching, Team Coaching, Supervision, mentor Coaching Model

CoachME Coaching, Team Coaching, Supervision, mentor Coaching Model - available in 25+ languages. Providing bespoke experiential, contextually based development solutions enabling long-term sustainable competency development.

By Clare Beckett-McInroy|08.09.2020

Complementary Innovation Competency Model Assessment

Following extensive research on competencies for innovation, Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy worked with Directors at American Express across the Middle east to 'ignite innovation and creativity'. They created this competency assessment to enable individuals to know and understand their strengths and development areas mapped to innovation competencies

By Clare Beckett-McInroy|08.09.2020

Reflective Coaching Journal

This Reflective Coaching Journal enables you to increase your awareness personally, professionally and within organisations, so that informed plans lead to appropriate action and results. It will provoke learning around options and perspectives as well as clarifying your understanding of what balance, success and fulfilment mean to you.

By Gillian Frame|11.08.2020

Imposter syndrome

Impostor syndrome (also known as impostor phenomenon, impostorism, fraud syndrome or the impostor experience) is a psychological pattern in which one doubts one's accomplishments and has a persistent internalised fear of being exposed as a "fraud".

By Ali Stewart|30.07.2020

Liberating Leadership

Liberating Leadership is an award-winning programme and an Amazon best-seller, capable of delivering significant performance improvement in people and also bottom-line results, in all types of business. If you are responsible for leading people, this book is a must.

By Ali Stewart|30.07.2020

Pioneering Professional: Self-Directing Skills for Life

What makes high fliers fly? Are you curious about what really successful people do? Do you wonder how some people become very successful very quickly and still seem to have a great life outside work? Others, who work very hard, struggle to achieve this same kind of success. Discover the self-directing skills for life and become a high flier in your field.

By Ali Stewart|30.07.2020

Insights Into Liberating Leadership

This Amazon best-seller isn’t just about leadership. It will help you to create the legacy you want to leave. Insights into Liberating Leadership will help free you from people problems, giving yourself more time to focus on the tasks that matter; tasks that make a real difference to your business.

By Simon Hague|08.07.2020

Tools of the Trade - by Simon Hague

We often forget that being a coach involves running a business and that running a business means that you have to dip into areas that you are perhaps not comfortable in.

Conversion Optimised Web Design for Coaches

Member resource

By Helen Isacke|16.06.2020

Website Design Quote Tool by Nerd Cow

If you are concerned that your website isn’t working for you as well as it should, perhaps it’s time to talk to an expert who can help you.

By Sarah Heap|11.06.2020

How to Network (Online and Offline) successfully as a Coach

Expert Interview: Will Kintish, (Mr Networking!) talks about how being a good networker can help you as a coach, how to ‘let go’ if a dislike of Networking is becoming a barrier, the key attribute of a good networker, how online networking differs or not, from face to face and more.

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