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By Helen Isacke|07.04.2020

Resilience: How to Maintain Inner Strength in Challenging Times

Founder of the Trusted Coach Directory Helen Isacke interviews Executive Coach Alison Haill, discussing 'How to Maintain Inner Strength in Challenging Times'.

By Helen Isacke|07.04.2020

Working from home: remaining effective and productive

This webcast, first broadcast on 18th March 2020, focuses on how to deal with suddenly working from home. With no obvious end in sight to this global disruption, it’s key that we manage ourselves and our approach to home-working in a sustainable and healthy way. Dr. Richard MacKinnon explores the role of habit and mindset when it comes to resilient responses to disruption

By Helen Isacke|21.02.2020

Pick up the Phone and Build your Coaching Business

Expert Interview: 'The Telephone Assassin' Anthony Stears talks about how you can ‘stand out’ as a coach by using the phone more, how to overcome the fear of picking up the phone, how the phone be one of the greatest tools to build a coaching business and lots of tips to help you pick up the phone more often.

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By Helen Isacke|19.02.2020

How to make the Shift from Passionate Coach to Purpose Driven Entrepreneur

Expert Interview: Transformational Coach Ryan Mathie talks about; how to stop struggling and start coaching more, how you can be a coach and a purpose driven entrepreneur, what is involved in creating an income you can live well on from coaching, and the steps to take to build a £5k to £10k a month income from coaching

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By Helen Isacke|18.02.2020

The Power of a Good Slide Set to Support your Coaching Business

Expert Interview: David Henson, the Slide Presentation Man talks about how his brand 'The Slide Presentation Man’ works, the Mistakes made with Slide Presentations, Top tips for creating slides that add value to a workshop or talk and tools to create great a great slide set.

By Helen Isacke|17.02.2020

How to Avoid the Common Mistakes when Setting up your Coaching Business

Expert Interview: Founder of the Trusted Coach Directory Helen Isacke talks to Jackie Jarvis about some of the many mistakes she made when she set up her coaching business. These include: not having a niche, sporadic marketing, giving too much away in a taster session, not asking for the business.

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By Helen Isacke|13.02.2020

Lessons Learnt from Building and Sustaining an International Coaching/Training Business

Expert Interview: Clinton Wingrove talks about how he has built and sustained his business, what his main revenue streams are, how he got started, the mistakes he has made, his important business growth lessons and how he keeps his order book full

By Sarah Heap|12.02.2020

“Creativity in Coaching”

This book is aimed at those brand new to “Clean”, or those who have had some training but still struggle to include Clean techniques in their typical coaching work. It offers simple, practical ways to use Clean and Cleanish questions, approaches and techniques within a coaching context.

By Clare Norman|12.02.2020

Mentor Coaching: A Practical Guide

Clare has written this practical guide which argues that both mentor coaching and supervision be mandated by the professional coaching bodies as part of coaches’ continuous professional development. Mentor coaching is not just for those coaches seeking a credential: it is for lifelong professional development for every coach, at every level of the profession.

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By Helen Isacke|03.02.2020

Lead Generation Quizzes

TCD Member Offer: If you are looking to attract your ideal clients, then offering a bespoke ‘quiz’ - designed with the help of marketing experts SMA Digital - will help you to find out more about your clients and whether you are the best coach to work with them.

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