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Free Trial - Values (VbIM) Questionnaire

By Helen Isacke|08.05.2024

Sample and explore your own VbIM report so that you can then use the questionnaire with your own coaching clients or colleagues.

Values are those things that are most important to us – they guide us in the way we live and work. Living according to our values makes life more satisfying.

Not living according to our values feels wrong and makes us feel less energised and less connected. When our values are clear to us, making decisions becomes easier – they are the ‘road signs’ of our lives. When we get lost they help us to get back on track.

Nevertheless, many people find it hard to articulate their values – or at least to identify those that are really important and fundamental. When people are asked to express their values they often quote ideas that are based on social norms or historical pressures (from parents or peers).

The VbIM questionnaire is designed to clarify and challenge some of your ideas, to question whether some of what you say is more superficial and to help you identify what is more fundamental. Making this a conscious effort helps people determine their priorities and decide how much life is turning out the way they want it to be.

Dr Roy Childs, Managing Director of Team Focus is offering a FREE trial to the TCD community to experience the process to ‘self-report’ and the paired version. Explore your own report so that you can then use the VbIM questionnaire with your own coaching clients.

Following the completion of the questionnaire, Roy will arrange a full debrief session with you – worth £450.

Once you have completed the debrief, you can register to use VbIM with your clients.

Find out more by watching this video: Explore your Values using the Values-based Indicator of Motivation (VbIM) a guide for Practitioners

Email the Team Focus office: to take the free trial, quoting TCD24


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