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Managing Difficult Relationships - Using Belbin

By Helen Isacke|05.12.2023

Conflict is essential for teams, but it needs to be managed the right way. This sounds counter-intuitive, but when teams disagree, it provides opportunities for learning and growth.

Different perspectives are acknowledged, people feel able to speak up, ideas are shared, and alternative solutions are explored rather than just settling for the first suggestion.

It can also help individuals gain a better understanding of their colleagues and ‘what makes them tick’. Problems are brought into the open and addressed rather than being ‘swept under the carpet’.

It is essential though that conflict is managed. A Belbin Team Roles approach can be used to understand where and when conflict may arise and how to build productive working relationships.

This webinar explores how to make the most out of relationships at work by understanding what difficult relationships look and feel like and how they can be managed.

Watch the webinar:


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