Are you a professional coach?

What about life after coaching?

By Richard MacKinnon|15.04.2024

In this video, Richard answers another common question about coaching: "What do I do when coaching has finished?"

As coaching is a time-limited activity – we’ll typically have six sessions together – then preparing for life after coaching is an important element of the programme. I simplify this into two themes:

1. Maintenance of your ‘wins’ – maintaining the helpful habits, attitudes and skills you developed as part of the coaching programme. And when you explore how they’re working for you and why they have such a positive impact, you can start he second activity:

2. Generalising what you’ve learnt – it’s often the case that these skills, this self-awareness, can be used to good effect in a different part of your life. Skills you learn to handle workplace situations can often be used in your personal life. So look for ways to bring them to life in other contexts and notice this difference this makes.

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About Richard

Dr. Richard MacKinnon is a Chartered Coaching Psychologist and the founder of WorkLifePsych, a team of accredited workplace psychologists.

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