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By Richard MacKinnon|27.09.2023

Procrastination: the stories we tell ourselves

In this video, Dr. Richard MacKinnon explores procrastination from the perspective of the 'stories' we tell ourselves to justify delays.

By Sharon Holland|13.09.2023

Rethinking Personality - moving from a static to a more dynamic paradigm

Team Focus offer solutions that address some of the biggest criticisms of psychometric questionnaires.

By Helen Isacke|08.08.2023

Breaking the mould - Roles v Personality

Team Focus offer solutions that address some of the biggest criticisms of psychometric questionnaires.

By Helen Isacke|25.07.2023

How to use Belbin reports to raise self-awareness and increase personal effectiveness

Everyone has something to contribute to a team, but it can be difficult to establish and articulate exactly what that contribution might be.

By Richard MacKinnon|10.07.2023

Having Difficult Conversations

In this video. Dr. Richard MacKinnon explores why some conversations at work are so uncomfortable, how we can deal with the psychological discomfort, and ensure we're having more of the conversations that really matter

By Richard MacKinnon|07.06.2023

Overwhelmed and stressed: are your habits making things worse?

Nobody wants to feel overwhelmed and stressed. Yet sometimes, our own habits make this situation more likely.

By Richard MacKinnon|11.05.2023

Coaching: it's not just goals!

In this video, Richard McKinnon explores one of the many misconceptions about coaching: that it's just goal-setting.

By Richard MacKinnon|06.02.2023

Are you planning, predicting or playwriting? with Dr Richard MacKinnon

It's so easy for us to go 'time-traveling' in our mind, but not all of the thoughts we have about the future are equally helpful or even enjoyable.

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By |28.01.2022

The Inner Boardroom Technique

The Inner Boardroom is a great technique to help you evaluate who or what is overly influencing your thinking and decision-making. You can then use this technique to choose a more helpful "internal board of directors" for a more healthy level of balance thinking.

By Maria Iliffe-Wood|03.06.2020

The world needs coaches who are not too tired to be present

Maria Iliffe-Wood talks about the importance of taking care of ourselves as coaches if we are to be able to help our clients going forward, particularly during and moving out of the pandemic.

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