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By Zoe Lewis|09.10.2019

The What, Why and How of Executive Coaching

In this short video, experienced accredited executive coach Zoe Lewis shares the what, the why & the how of executive coaching.

By Zoe Lewis|02.10.2019

Coaching tools - coach yourself using the Blob tree

In this video Executive Coach Zoe Lewis shares with you how to use the blob tree to coach yourself & move towards your goals. The blob tree is a resource by Pip Wilson & Ian Long Big Book of Blobs

By Zoe Lewis|25.09.2019

A poem about coaching through leadership imposter syndrome (warning: contains some swearing)

The devil & The angel - a poem about leadership imposter syndrome in men & women, by Executive Coach Zoe Lewis

By Zoe Lewis|18.09.2019

How to choose an Executive Coach

In this short video Executive Coach Zoe Lewis shares the key areas to review when seeking an executive, leadership or corporate coach

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