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By Helen Isacke|08.05.2024

Free Trial - Values (VbIM) Questionnaire

Sample and explore your own VbIM report so that you can then use the questionnaire with your own coaching clients or colleagues.

Member resource

By Helen Isacke|08.02.2024

Henley Centre for Coaching - Partner Membership

The Henley Centre for Coaching is a vibrant learning community where coaches network, collaborate and develop new thinking in coaching.

By Helen Isacke|29.06.2022

Mirror Mirror - Team Reality Diagnostic

Mirror Mirror is a new Team Reality Diagnostic Report. You can use this data as the start of a facilitated alignment process to improve team effectiveness.

Steve Mills

Member resource

By Helen Isacke|22.07.2021

LinkedIn Training Programme - Member Special Offer

If you are a member of LinkedIn, but you are not winning new business from LinkedIn then you need Steve's cutting edge online LinkedIn training programme. On the programme, you learn everything you need to do to make serious money on LinkedIn.

Member resource

By Helen Isacke|10.06.2020

Special Rate from Balens - Combined Liability Insurance

TCD is pleased to be working alongside Balens to provide a bespoke insurance scheme for our members. Balens are a well-established, fourth generation family business who specialise in providing insurance cover for Health & Wellbeing practitioners and organisations. Balens have always regarded claims support, quality cover and personal service as their main strengths.

Member resource

By Helen Isacke|27.04.2020

Starter Websites by Studio Stanley

Studio Stanley has offered TCD members (coaches listed on TCD and Community Coach members) a generous discount of £100, which means you get a great looking website for just £500.

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