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Neurodiversity Strategy Coaching

By Helen Isacke|20.05.2024

How can Neurodiversity Strategy Coaching attenuate the adult cognitive deficits which arise from Childhood Emotional Abuse?

Catherine Russell is a Specialist Executive Neurodivergent Coaching Practitioner with a decade of extensive experience in Psychology, Mental Health, and Neurodiversity. Her professional journey encompasses a broad range of roles, including serving as an Assistant Psychologist, an Employment Support Neurodiversity Specialist, an Inpatient Mental Health Nursing Auxiliary, and a Therapeutic Group Facilitator for an Addictions Support Day Programme. Currently, Catherine dedicates her expertise to offering individualised neurodiverse strategy coaching.

In this article Catherine will talk about the link between emotional abuse in childhood and cognitive deficits that last into adulthood. She will also talk a bit about how these deficits occur through changes in the brain that happen as a result of the abuse and their impact on different types of cognitive ability.

Read the article here: Catherine Russell Article May 2024

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