As companies continue to evolve and grow, the role of senior executives becomes more complicated and essential. The success of the entire organisation can depend on the decisions made by these leaders. That is why finding ways to support and assist them in their leadership skills is crucial. With an increasing number of employees being trained in coaching skills, how comfortable would you be – as a senior executive – to be offered coaching from someone within your organisation?

In this blog post, we’ll explore why we believe that senior executives should use external coaches, and the benefits they can bring to your personal and professional development.


Often managers face unique challenges that they may not feel comfortable sharing with their internal team or colleagues. An external coach provides a confidential space where you can discuss sensitive or personal topics without fear of judgment or repercussions. You can also be more open and honest with an external coach since they don’t have any direct stake in the daily operation of your company.

A Fresh Perspective

One of the key benefits of an external coach is the fresh perspective they bring. They are not part of your internal team, so they can look at situations objectively and provide unbiased opinions. This can be especially valuable in times of crisis, when it may be challenging to see the bigger picture. As an external coach works with a variety of organisations, they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that can be applied to specific situations.


When you have an external coach, that your organisation is paying for, you are more likely to follow through on the goals and plans you set for yourself. Your coach will check in with you regularly, hold you accountable, and offer guidance and support along the way. This external accountability can help you break through any roadblocks you may be facing and achieve your goals faster.

Skills Development

Senior executives have already achieved a lot of success, but there is always room for growth and improvement. An external coach can help identify areas where you may need additional training or skill development. An external coach can also recommend resources and best practices from other industries that you may not have considered before.

The benefits of confidentiality, fresh perspective, accountability and skills development are immeasurable.

So if you think an external coach could benefit your organisation search for one in the directory today!