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Procrastination: the stories we tell ourselves

By Richard MacKinnon|27.09.2023

In this video, Dr. Richard MacKinnon explores procrastination from the perspective of the 'stories' we tell ourselves to justify delays.

Procrastination seems to be an evergreen topic in coaching, indicating just how common it is.

Procrastination is when we irrationally delay taking action – so these stories help us feel rational and logical. Buying in to them gives us temporary relief, but sets us up for more problems in the future.

Spotting these stories can help us identify patterns in our procrastination and begin to see them for what they are – unhelpful stories about who we are and how we do things.

Watch the video here

Dr. Richard MacKinnon is a Chartered Coaching Psychologist based in London, UK. Working with clients globally, his professional focus is on helping clients develop and maintain their productivity, wellbeing and interpersonal effectiveness at work.

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