It’s about me as a human being. It’s about being real in the moment, moment by moment from now on and on – integrated, one, whole in myself. Integrity.

Me as PCC has been more about: “How are you leading or managing. About your: problem, situation, career, business, project and the people around you. About what you’re going to do, action, your next step.

To me, PCC is about “doing”

People I have coached wanted ‘PCC Dave’ because they want to know, to work out what to do next to overcome their: issue, situation, challenge; how to get up the ladder, how to get the project built. They bring their ‘presenting issues’.

The people I want to coach in the future, know that how they show up, who they “be”, is what really counts: in their life, how they lead, and what they go on to achieve – to have. They bring themselves.

But these people seem rare. They are self-aware, have emotional intelligence and are prepared to look inwards, inside themselves. And they do the internal work necessary to become their desired future self. Yes, they have a view or a vision of their future self. Or, they are yearning for one.

They are in it for the long run, even though my coaching may only be for the start of their journey. Are they rare? Coach mentor, Marie Quigley MCC shared a view,

 “It’s the coaches who are willing to do this work who might be rare, and maybe this is because they don’t believe being a thinking partner and creating a container for the clients’ awareness to unfold is enough”.

They might be rare. Or I may not have been sufficiently skilled to enable this depth of work. This is my inner journey as well.

This depth of work requires that we get real with our self, and with each other, present in the moment.

What’s going on for you right now?

The unaware or the avoiding talk about stuff that’s going on ‘over there’, rather than what’s going on here and now in this moment in them, in us – this partnership – right now.

I glimpsed this when Simon yawned and exclaimed “BORING Dave”. I was shocked, embarrassed and vulnerable right in front of everyone. Shaken, I got real and magic happened. I experienced that and now I know what it’s like to be real and I’m becoming real more and more.

I shared that experience with James and asked “what’s going on for you right now?” He talked about stuff ‘over there’. I challenged him again “here and now?” He didn’t know how to respond. I gave him some options including: “sod off Dave. I don’t even know what you’re talking about here”. This was me supporting him … or was I leading or rescuing him? Either way it was different to how Simon challenged me.

And he ‘got it’, he opened up, he said “I’m frustrated and annoyed” He shared his stuckness. He slowed down, his voice deeper, he was real with himself and me. Maybe he trusted me? I just recalled this from coach mentor, Claire Pedrick’s new book[1].

 ‘People tend to trust you when they know they are dealing with the real you’.

Anyway, he now knows what the work is, he told me. He is unstuck. He experienced “real”. He is more self-aware and can access that when we work together and outside of our work.

He is becoming and I am beginning to be MCC, though still a way to go.

[1] Page 177 “The Human Behind The Coach” Claire Pedrick MCC and Lucia Baldelli MC

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