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Marie Quigley

500+ hours of coaching experience

Executive Coach · Leadership Coach · Coach Supervisor

Sheffield, Manchester & Leeds

United Kingdom

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About me

Coach Supervisor & Executive Coach - Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester,

With over 28 years of international experience I understand the challenges involved in leading from the ground up in a volatile, complex, uncertain and ambiguous world. As an executive coach I partner with senior leaders and high potentials in multi-national organisations supporting them as they lead through change, transition into higher roles and manage complex cultural business opportunities. We partner together to create fulfilling careers and businesses aligned with values, purpose and passion.

I am certified in a number of methodologies and assessments, including 360-degree feedback and extendedDISC, conversational intelligence and NLP. I am a Certified Daring Way™ and Certified Dare to Lead™ facilitator partnering with leaders and their teams to lead bravely as they understand and implement the research-based leadership work of Dr. Brené Brown.

I am extremely passionate about supporting the profession of coaching and believe in the continuous development of coaches, ensuring coaching clients receive the absolute best experience.

As an EMCC ESIA Accredited Coach Supervisor I facilitate the deep, exploratory work of coaching super-vision for both independent and internal coaches - recognising the importance of normative, formative and restorative spaces- I support coaches at all levels to uncover blind spots and evoke expansion of “who they are being” through thought provoking, reflective and highly creative conversations.

I design and facilitate ICF approved coach foundational and advanced trainings and in-house and public professional leadership programmes. I am also a coach mentor - supporting coaches to deepen their skills and knowledge of coaching competencies as well as creating and delivering coaching and mentoring in the workplace trainings.

Born in the UK, I have worked in the former East Germany, Singapore, Ireland, Dubai and Qatar. As a former graphic designer and art director - creativity and experimentation are at the heart and soul of my work - I have an innate capacity to enable people to uncover what matters most in order for them to create their personal version of success and fulfilment.

I supervise and mentor coaches from around the globe and my executive coaching clients range from small, medium and large organisations in diverse industries including oil and gas, telecommunications, finance, construction, educational institutions, logistics, health and wellness, medical institutions and government bodies.

Giving back is incredibly important to me and I work in a voluntary capacity offering pro bono coaching to employees working in conflict areas. I am also a volunteer coach supervisor for indigenous communities in Canada and for Project5 providing solution based coaching support to NHS staff.

I invite you to listen to my podcast 'Empower World the Coaching and Leadership Podcast' which is filled with resources to support your transformation.

If you are ready to move from success to significance email me at to set up a no obligation discovery session.
Professional body membership

International Coach Federation

Level of membership/accreditation

ICF - Master Certified CoachEMCC - Accredited Senior PractitionerEMCC - ESIA - Accredited Supervisor


ICF Master Certified CoachCertified Co-Active CoachICF Registered Mentor CoachICF Approved Coach TrainerEMCC Accredited Coach Supervisor Certified Dare to Lead (TM) FacilitatorCertified Daring Way (TM) FacilitatorCertified Conversational Intelligence PractitionerExtendedDisc Facilitator NLP Practitioner

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I was given coaching sessions with Marie and they were lifechanging. My time spent over the past year has been indescribably profound and filled with positive changes. I would highly recommend working with her in any circumstance as she is professional, imaginative, intuitive, and gracious.


Marie built up a mutual trust relationship and transformed me in all my life aspects. Now, several years after my first encounter with her, I can only look back and appreciate how lucky I am to have crossed the paths with Marie. I did great career moves, and have built strong successful teams and businesses for Siemens, ABB and now RATP dev in the Middle East. This was only possible because of the clarity and internal peace that Marie helped me to obtain at all time. I am always told that I have a lot of energy like a thunderstorm, this was wiping out people at work, at home and in my teamsports.. Marie helped me to better utilize my energy and ensure I get all along.. the results of her transformation keep on amazing me all the time... I recommend Marie to all who are looking to explore themselves and their potential and are sincere about it. Youssef Merjani.


I highly recommend supervision coaching with Marie to anyone seeking to go to the next level in their coaching practice. Here are my key takeaways: 1) Marie is an excellent coach who brings decades of coaching knowledge to each session. I found myself taking notes, getting new ideas and identifying different strategies to implement with my clients - which was a goal of mine at the start. 2) Marie was incredible at getting 'in my world' and keeping me there - which helped me work out the 'stuff' I bring to sessions, what's holding me back and how I can show up more powerfully with clients. 3) Marie has so many tools as a coach that she naturally goes places with me, challenged me, helped me see new angles as well as connect with myself and why I do the work. Thanks Marie! Tracey Livingston


At the outset of a new leadership role, my employer encouraged me to participate in a series of one to one coaching sessions. I met with Marie and immediately knew that we would enjoy working together, with the aim of helping me achieve a series of professional and personal goals. During our sessions Marie and I explored the challenges I was facing and she set regular tasks of reflection; challenging me to view situations through a series of different lenses. The journey was at times unexpected, often emotional and throughout Marie encouraged me to question and evaluate any preconceived ideas that I held and in doing so, explore my potential. Her support and commitment to me throughout my coaching sessions was exceptional. Marie has remained in contact during a further period of personal and professional transition and I am simply grateful for her support, advice and genuine friendship. Marie is a wonderful executive coach and I recommend her without hesitation. Lesley Desport, Programme Manager / Operations Director


During a time of immense personal and professional transition, I have found Marie Quigley’s coaching invaluable. Oxygen has come into stressed thinking and feeling muscles through a liberating and open dialogue. I have been supported in my own door opening and am becoming increasingly confident, that everything is okay - also in terms of my self worth! I give my strong recommendation of Marie’s skills, honor and trustworthiness! Hulda Armine.


My online coaching business launched because of Marie Quigley. No joke! I remember the very first Facebook Live video I did for my business and the coaching session I had prior to said video with Marie. She helped me find my voice. Realise that I didn’t need to be “perfect” to help others and that I could show up “just as me” and be valuable, knowledgeable and respected. There are many things I love about Marie but when it comes to her style of coaching what I love most is her directness, she pulls no punches, her coachees results are what matter most and she does what it takes to get you there. She has an absolute arsenal of coaching tools at her disposal from her years of experience. I have experienced many different kinds of coaches - all great in their own way - Marie is the only one I would describe as formidable. She is a coach for people who are serious about their goal and I love her for that. Dee Hutchinson.


Marie has been my coach and mentor for the last six months. Marie is a powerful coach and respected professional, who has connected immediately with me at a very deep level. She strives to work with the client in service of their own objectives and goals. Her approach is direct, open, caring and stimulating. She works with a smile on her face and she is not afraid to challenge when she believes it is on her clients best interest. Marie has accompanied me on my own journey of evolution, expanding my vision and pointing clearly at my goals, in moments of confusion. She offered new tools and championed me to create and achieve my own vision of success. The thing I like the most about Marie is her ability to be open and identify the creative energy and power from any type of situation, positive or negative, challenging or naturally easy. I am more aware of myself and my power, also thanks to the journey I have started with Marie. I have learnt a lot from her, as my mentor, and I found inspiration from her stimulating, connecting and generous attitude. Thank you Marie, looking forward for more! Federica Ambrogi.


Marie is a consumate, passionate and caring professional who truly lives what she values. Her coaching and super-vision work for the QFC have had immense impact for individuals and the wider system. I recommend her unreservedly. Dr. Clare Beckett.


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Communication Confidence Conflict Difficult Conversations Emotional Intelligence Feedback Leadership Managing Emotions New Role Resilience Supervision: 1-2-1 Supervision: Group Team Coaching Team Development
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