What a year 2020 has been!  How do we begin to find purpose and meaning in a year which, on the surface, has brought so much uncertainly, chaos and anxiety to so many people around the globe?

It is easy to look back and be grateful for the times that bring joy and happiness.  It can be far more challenging to take time to reflect and gather our learnings when we are experiencing so many vulnerable and complex emotions.

Mindful Reflection

Choosing to have a practice of mindful reflection can positively impact our understanding of ourselves and our ability to be with difficulties life may offer. As professional coaches including the practice of reflection in our work with our clients offers the opportunity to uncover incredible jewels which can support us on our journey to masterful coaching.

There are many ways we can include reflection practice into our professional development. We can choose to partner with trained coach supervisors in either one to one or group sessions.

We can use journaling, walking, physical activities and being in nature to explore our work. We can create metaphors, use objects both living and inanimate as reflection starters for looking at what our client relationships look like.

In mindful reflection we can ask questions about our work and then sit in silence and allow our unconscious to answer the question.  We can use the sound of music to be a catalyst for evoking thoughts about our client relationships.

We can use books, poetry and art to unlock our own creativity as we imagine our coaching partnerships and businesses and watch them evolve into what we truly want.

We can get curious about the events happening in the world and look at our responses to these events and find out how this is a reflection of who we are being with our clients…. and so much more

Gift of Reflection

As we end this year, a year like no other, we encourage you to give yourself the gift of reflection. And to kick start the process, we offer you some questions to support you to look back over the year, your practices, your client work who you have been during all of this.

  • How often do you find yourself outside of your comfort zone in your coaching work? What is the learning for you?
  • How do ‘hooked’ by your clients stories, emotion or issues?
  • Where do you get stuck with your work?
  • What would be a metaphor for your client work and what does this metaphor mean to you?
  • What are the conditions that really help you to be in ‘flow’ and do your best work as a coach?
  • What is the most significant piece of client feedback you’ve received? How did this change your approach to coaching?
  • What has been the most challenging ethical issues you’ve experienced as a coach
  • When does your energy lessen in a coaching session?
  • When do you feel challenged in your work ?
  • What impact has your client feedback had on your work?
  • How has corona virus impacted your professional work?
  • How have the events of 2020 influenced you?
  • Who has the world been calling you to be this year?

Reflective practice is an essential part of a coaches professional  development  benefiting coaches, and most importantly  our clients, to have more empowering sessions and successful coaching outcomes.

Be Empowered!

Marie Quigley is a Master Certified Coach, Coach Supervisor, Trainer and Facilitator. She partners with senior leaders and high potentials in multi-national organisations supporting them as they lead through change, transition into higher roles and manage complex cultural business opportunities. https://www.empower-world.com/ 

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