What is more challenging for you as a manager, talking to a large audience or speaking to an individual in your team about their poor performance?

Many people say it’s the public speaking gig. But a lot of managers avoid that 1:1 conversation.

Do you avoid the 1:1 challenge?

Your 1:1 meetings with team members can be as challenging as any public speaking. For this reason many managers put up with an individual’s poor performance or inappropriate behaviour for weeks or months, rather than confront it.

  • How do you manage the under-performer who is resentful about being passed over for promotion?
  • How do you stretch your top performers?
  • How do you stop them becoming insufferably arrogant or just complacent and lazy?

The solution is conversation

I believe that the solution to all of these lies in an empowering 1:1 conversation. Conversation where you truly listen, using these important skills:

  • Deep non-judgemental listening
  • Careful open questions
  • A mindset that believes they (not you) will come up with good solutions.

Perhaps you shy away from regular 1:1s because you think it will be difficult to manage the situation and the time effectively. Create an agenda and keep it where you can see. Allow 40 minutes or an hour and make sure you have a clock in your line of sight.

I can show you my way

Would you like to have the skills to make these conversations easy? To know they will engage and motivate? To have a structure to follow so solutions to problems are easy to find, and empowering to both sides?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, I can help you. These invaluable interpersonal skills and techniques come straight from the toolkit I use as a professionally trained coach. They are practical skills every manager needs.

Make your work conversations work

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