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Executive Coaching Oxford & London – Alison Haill

Alison Haill

Executive Coach, Leadership Coach, Performance Coach

Oxford & London

Specialist areas:
Communication, Confidence, Cross cultural, Glass Ceiling, Leadership, New role, Personal Impact, Presentation Skills, Strategy, Team Development
5 / 5
14 years of coaching
Face to Face, Telephone, Skype
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Level of Membership/Accreditation

ICF - Individual Member

About me

Executive Coaching Oxford

Alison Haill is an experienced Executive Coach and Leadership Communication specialist, author of “The S-Factor Coaching Handbook” for workplace coaches.

She works with executives and senior managers to increase leadership impact and personal performance, enabling them to access their inner capabilities and potential in the UK and internationally.

Alison's 40-year track-record working internationally with leaders and managers in business communication has given her wide-ranging experience across cultures, industries and sectors, from banking, engineering and IT to oil and gas, from education to shipping.

Managing the gap between performance and potential

She uses this unique experience to manage the gap between performance and potential, through a combination of coaching skills, cross-cultural expertise, linguistics and neuroscience, to create transformation in mindset, behaviour and leadership communication.

Based in Oxford, also working in London and Internationally, Alison is well grounded in business circles there and in the UK. At the start of her career, she worked abroad as an expatriate for 13 years, first in Brazil, then Egypt, Singapore and Yugoslavia. In 1998 she founded Oxford Professional Consulting, Oxford's first training company to specialise in leadership communication in a global world.

The combination of robust academic qualifications, range of experience, coaching expertise and other effective methodologies enables Alison to quickly build trust, engage those she works with and enable professional growth.

Inspiring clients

As a coach, she is practical, direct and supportive with the ability and flexibility to help clients achieve more than they expect. Moreover, her lively personality and cross-cultural experience enable her to inspire clients when they lose motivation or are frustrated.

“Alison was very quick to grasp what was going on and what was required. She made an excellent initial assessment. She also build rapport very quickly and is very astute to company politics.”
AN, Global Human Resources, International Division.

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Executive Coaching Certificate ILM Level 7
Executive Coach Master Business Accelerator
Advanced Diploma in CPD in Coaching
Certificate in Life Coaching
Diploma in Life Coaching*Time To Think Foundation
Global Leadership Model and 360 accreditation
Coaching Academy Licensed Coaching trainer
Nine Conversations in Leadership Accreditation

Latest reviews

5 / 5 ★

I have really enjoyed our relationship with OPC and Alison Haill over the last 6 years, working on creating a coaching culture in Gosforth Academy and in the 1:1 coaching that she has given me during that time. My 1:1 coaching with Alison was always effective and I was very happy with the results. As a coach trainer she instilled in us her own high standards for quality coaching and we gained much from her experience through the coaching case-studies she shared with us from her business coaching practice. In creating our own coaching culture, I always felt I could consult her for advice and she really cared about our success. I also valued the 1:1 supervision coaching that I had from her – and that she gave my staff. They appreciated the depth of her experience especially in the complex situations that can arise in 1:1 coaching of colleagues. She gave 1:1 coaching to each of our leadership team, with the result they easily saw the value of coaching for our organisation as a whole. The service we received was way past what we expected as regards meeting our needs. In all, the quality of work Alison did for and with us was of the highest standard. Having dealt with other coaching providers, I know how lucky we were in having her as our Executive and Leadership coach, as well as providing us with high quality coach training. Without her mix of clarity, rigour and real belief in the coaching process, we would not have achieved the internal coaching culture we now have. It is a real regret for me that ever reducing budgets have meant that I have to give more priority to costs than previously. I very much hope we will continue to remain in contact and have the opportunity to work together again in the future. Corinne Raybould, Director of Projects, Gosforth Federated Academies

5 / 5 ★

"I started coaching with Alison two years ago to eliminate my fear of public speaking, which I have done. I now enjoy the small welcome speeches that used to send me into a cold sweat and I am even accepting invitations to speak at other people's events. 'A spin-off discovery during the coaching was that I saw myself more as a manager than a leader, yet I was CEO. So, at the start of this year I decided that to build the company it was essential to develop my own leadership and also improve the productivity and performance of my team. As a manager or leader, I was too approachable. I was regularly spending too much time on team issues, often being the conduit for communication between team members, to the detriment of my own role in leading and growing the company. "Working with my coach on a regular basis has enabled me to make time to think, gained insights and change behaviours in ways that I would not and could not have done alone. I’ve already made sustainable changes in my approach as leader. I am more certain of my role, goals and the standards I want for myself, the team and the business to achieve. I’ve adopted the idea that ‘stretch' is good, for taking on new challenges which develop new skills, perspective and insights. I have taken on new challenges myself, such as higher sales targets and bigger public speaking events, and found that I can do much more than I thought. I develop the team differently now by giving them stretching opportunities to take on new responsibilities, as well as through team meetings and regular 1:1s. They are more motivated as a result and more interested in the overall business. Performance is also improving. Team meetings are more lively with more ideas contributed by everyone. Team and individual performance is also improving. My own focus on the business vision and business growth has increased and, as that vision develops, I am becoming more disciplined in keeping the focus, thinking before reacting, using more of my time on priorities. "Coaching gives me time to think through talking, to analyse and find the best solutions. It has opened up my mind in essential ways and also helped me empower my team - and continues to do so. I’m learning how to build a culture of high performance and high motivation. Though I still sometimes find it hard on a busy day to ringfence the time with my coach, she is flexible and speedy so I know that doing so is always worth it.” Richard Rosser, CEO, B4

5 / 5 ★

I took up the role of Managing Director in the London office of an international consulting company and decided to hire Alison Haill as my executive coach for the transition period. I wanted to integrate as fast and effectively as possible into the new company, make a positive impact by understanding the challenges it faced and finding strategies to overcome them. At the same time, I wanted to be in a position after 3 months to decide whether this was the right place for me to spend the next phase of my career. I found it extremely useful to have Alison as my coach and thinking partner during this period. The coaching created space where I could think and regroup. I gained many insights about myself and others, as well as new thinking to use in my strategy and decision-making. I’ve made sustainable change in many ways. I make decisions from a wider range of options so they are better ones. I learnt the value of having a plan, constantly checking in and adjusting it. I learnt to deal with difficult moments from a position of strength through knowing my own values: under pressure I’m clearer on what’s right and I stick to it. I’m a better leader and happier as an individual. Was it worth it? Absolutely. It was even more useful than I expected. Alison has a wealth of experience and expertise. I found her always calm, neutral, intuitive, consistent in approach. She quickly understood the business context and my reality so the coaching was never a constraint. She has a direct, no-nonsense approach, which is supportive and clear-sighted. She has a variety of useful tools and I valued the subtle way she introduced them so that the activity always felt authentic and appropriate, not formulaic. She is pragmatic rather than theoretical which suited me so that I always felt I was achieving results aligned to my goals. Her listening and questions were key to the process. They enabled me to think more clearly, separate fact from assumption, understand the situation from other angles so I could deal more effectively with it and with the individuals involved. I have kept in touch with Alison and continue to learn from her. She recently introduced Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) to me through one of her programmes. This adds a new and immensely valuable leadership resource with benefit for individuals, teams and organisations which I have already applied to my current context. Dr. Stephen McCormac

5 / 5 ★

My journey with Oxford Professional consulting started when I had the idea to make a significant professional change, on which I wanted to gain clarity. It ended 2 month later, with the creation of my company “Expect”, a business consultancy firm, and my first offers ready to meet customers’ demands. As a corporate Executive in a multinational Group I had several experiences over the last ten years with international business coaches, in different countries. Yet, the pace at which I developed sustainable changes in my decision making and actions this time was unusualy fast. This was achievable because of Alison Hail’s unique ability to make me draw on the strengths and successes I had enjoyed in my previous corporate career, while developing my creativity to design my own business vision as an entrepreneur. Moreover, Alison Hail's constant care to keep me focused on my goals at all times and to make me envisage alternative routes when I was encountering an obstacle, made this journey an incomparable learning process on which I will continue to build on, while developing my company. Gala Gonçalvès, Founder and Ceo of Expect

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