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Catch up with recorded Coach Calls to help you grow your business, explore new tools and techniques and deepen your thinking.


Find out what coaching accreditation is, why it matters, and we discuss whether it's worth going through the process.

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Business Growth

We explore topics such as; What makes a profitable coaching business, and, How to get your pricing in line with your goals.

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Coaching/Supervision CPD

Learn from experts discussing topics such as Positive Intelligence, 360 feedbacks, Coaching Styles, Transpersonal Coaching, Neuroscience & Supervision.

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People Development

Here we talk about Company Culture, Psychological Flexibility, Mindfulness, Hybrid Working, Talent Retention and more.

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Profiling Tools

Are you an Advocate or Critic of profiling tools? Gain insights into Belbin, DiSC, Coaching Signatures, Strengths Profiling, and some lesser known tools.

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Sales & Marketing

Learn how to attract clients using: video, social media, case studies, website, branding, SEO keywords, webinars, blogging, podcasting & visual content.

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Working your Black Book with Jackie Jarvis

Monday, 5th February, 12:30

In Love with Leadership with Clare Smale

Wednesday, 14th February, 12:30

Exploring secure foundations with Contracting – with Sue Brown

Monday, 19th February, 12:30

Slow Speed Networking

Thursday, 29th February, 12:30

Sales & Marketing Fundamentals with Jackie Jarvis

Monday, 4th March, 12:30

Decision Making for Leaders with Jon Bircher

Wednesday, 13th March, 12:30

Psychodynamics in Coaching with Helen Geoghegan

Monday, 18th March, 12:30

Slow Speed Networking

Thursday, 28th March, 12:30

Registration instructions are sent a few days in advance.

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