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People Development

Here we talk about Company Culture, Psychological Flexibility, Mindfulness, Hybrid Working, Talent Retention and more.

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10th April 2024

From Values to Life Fulfilment

Bernie O'Keeffe Watch recording 39 mins
13th March 2024

The Art of Better Decision-Making

Jon Bircher Watch recording 47 mins
15th February 2024

Have your clients fallen out of love with leadership?

Clare Smale Watch recording 47 mins
10th January 2024

The Five Steps to 360 Success

Jo Manton Watch recording 49 mins
13th December 2023

What prevents team members trusting each other?

Jo Keeler from Belbin Watch recording 58 mins
15th November 2023

Is coaching really the best approach to support a neurodivergent person?

Lindsey Wheeler Watch recording 45 mins
11th October 2023

5 Ways to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Nikki Wild Watch recording 49 mins
20th July 2023

Leader as Coach: Maximise Impact

Alison Haill Watch recording 49 mins
14th June 2023

‘Polarity’ or ‘Problem’ – Navigating polarities in life and leadership

Liz Mercer Watch recording 48 mins
10th May 2023

Six things Neuro-typicals can do to work better with neurodivergent people

Lindsey Wheeler Watch recording 48 mins
12th April 2023

Getting to the nub of the issue – and why it matters

Diana Gibbs Watch recording 38 mins
15th March 2023

Five Key Elements of Retaining Your Best Female Talent

Dr Susan Doering Watch recording 45 mins
12th October 2022

Mindful Focus and Wellbeing

Richard MacKinnon Watch recording 54 mins
13th July 2022

How to deploy systemic team coaching as a learning intervention

Kate Freedman Watch recording 46 mins
15th June 2022

Understanding the importance and impact of Company Culture

Fiona Anderson Watch recording 58 mins
16th March 2022

Stop Your Top Talent and Future Leaders from Leaving!

Gary Storer Watch recording 59 mins
2nd February 2022

The 3 Companions – Courage, Compassion and Wisdom

Joan ven den Brink Watch recording 30 mins
19th January 2022

Introducing and Establishing a Coaching Culture – Live Q&A with expert panel

TCD Panel Watch recording 58 mins
17th November 2021

How do you know you have right people on your bus?

Phil Rose Watch recording 45 mins
29th September 2021

An Introduction into Psychological Flexibility and Mindfulness

Greg Baker Watch recording 55 mins
23rd June 2021

Staying focused in a hybrid working world

Seren Trewavas Watch recording 36 mins
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