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Profiling Tools

Are you an Advocate or Critic of profiling tools? Gain insights into Belbin, DiSC, Coaching Signatures, Strengths Profiling, and some lesser known tools.

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13th December 2023

What Prevents Team Members Trusting Each Other

Jo Keeler Watch recording 58 mins
8th December 2022

Introducing a New Team Assessment Tool to Enhance your Business

Mark Hide Watch recording 39 mins
1st July 2022

A New Diagnostic Approach for Team Coaching

Lindsay Uittenbogaard Watch recording 58 mins
21st February 2022

How To Use Belbin Teams

Jo Keeler Watch recording 48 mins
1st December 2021

Applying DiSC in a Coaching Context

Nikki Wild Watch recording 45 mins
10th November 2021

Profiling Tools – are you an Advocate or Critic?

Roy Childs Watch recording 58 mins
26th April 2021

Introduction to the Strengths Profile Model

Trudy Bateman Watch recording 50 mins
3rd March 2021

Coaching Signatures Profiling Tool

Patti Stevens Watch recording 17 mins
3rd February 2021

Exploring Profiling Tools to use in Coaching

Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy Watch recording 33 mins
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