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Learn from experts discussing topics such as Positive Intelligence, 360 feedbacks, Coaching Styles, Transpersonal Coaching, Neuroscience & Supervision.

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18th March 2024

An Introduction to Psychodynamic Coaching

Helen Geoghegan Watch recording 47 mins
19th September 2023

Coaching our Client’s Brains: How we can work effectively to support improved results

Ruth Kudzi Watch recording 44 mins
20th June 2023

Team Coaching SUPERvision Demonstration

Dr Clare Beckett McInroy Watch recording 63 mins
15th May 2023

Working Confidently in the Therapeutic Space

Tracey Hartshorn Watch recording 42 mins
17th April 2023

Cultural self-reflexivity experiences of coaches and their effect on the coach/client relationship

Kevin Cowley Watch recording 45 mins
22nd March 2023

Bringing the Psyche back into Coaching Psychology

Maria Iliffe-Wood Watch recording 42 mins
18th January 2023

How to make feedback more useful and long-lived

Roy Childs Watch recording 60 mins
9th November 2022

Exploring the difference between Team Facilitation and Team Coaching

Dave Stitt Watch recording 51 mins
14th September 2022

Working Creatively with The Drama Triangle

Lindsey Wheeler Watch recording 46 mins
18th May 2022

Exploring your ‘Coaching Style’ and why it matters

Patti Stevens Watch recording 44 mins
14th April 2022

How To Coach Saboteur Thinking Using Positive Intelligence (PQ)

Amanda Bouch Watch recording 49 mins
5th January 2022

Exploring 360° feedbacks

Sue Brown Watch recording 51 mins
20th October 2021

The Neuroscience of Resonant Coaching

Desiree Silverstone Watch recording 42 mins
29th September 2021

An Introduction into Psychological Flexibility and Mindfulness

Greg Baker Watch recording 55 mins
22nd September 2021

Why Culture Matters in Coaching

Heike Saxer-Taylor Watch recording 35 mins
15th September 2021

An Overview of Transpersonal Coaching

Hetty Einzig Watch recording 52 mins
8th September 2021

Why Philosophy Matters in Coaching: Exploring the Big Existential Questions

Yannick Jacob Watch recording 48 mins
16th August 2021

An Introduction to Mental Fitness

Jill Savage Watch recording 40 mins
4th August 2021

The neuroscience, neurobiology and psychology of emotions

Desiree Silverstone Watch recording 39 mins
21st July 2021

Working with unknowing in coaching and supervision

Martin Vogel Watch recording 36 mins
19th July 2021

‘Rhythm of Being’

Jon Webb Watch recording 30 mins
21st June 2021

Coaching Supervision – What is it and how do you get value from it – part 1

Steve Ridgley Watch recording 35 mins
7th June 2021

Coaching Supervision – What is it and how do you get value from it – Debrief

Steve Ridgley Watch recording 11 mins
7th June 2021

An Introduction to The Five Behaviours

Sue Brown Watch recording 51 mins
2nd June 2021

‘Coach the person not the problem’ demo

Marie Quigley Watch recording 42 mins
19th May 2021

The Difference between Business Mentoring and Business Coaching

Christine Nicholson Watch recording 39 mins
21st April 2021

Demystifying Agile for Coaches

Geetha Ramachandran Watch recording 43 mins
12th April 2021

Is Directive Coaching really Coaching?

Simon Hague Watch recording 42 mins
10th February 2021

Exploring Neurological Levels

Clare Smale Watch recording 41 mins
14th October 2020

Introducing Constellations

Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy Watch recording 45 mins
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