In a rapidly expanding coaching sector when you provide a similar service to your coaching colleagues, what is your unique selling point? How do YOU stand out from the crowd? The answer is – use the media!

Follow these fives easy steps recommended by our PR expert Tracy Dickerson to get you started on your media journey.

  1. Identify your business DNA

A common marketing term is USP (unique selling point/proposition). This may sound like jargon so let’s talk in terms of your business DNA. These are the things make your service unique. To identify this, think about these six key things;

  • Do you enjoy working with clients from a specific sector?
  • Do these clients have a common range of issues you work on?
  • Which elements of coaching do you excel at?
  • What makes your heart sing?
  • What are the issues you are passionate about resolving?
  • How does your personal career or life journey make you stand out?

Everyone has their own unique business DNA – you just need to dig deep.

  1. What’s your story?

Your story and unique selling point is identified by who you want to speak to, what they want to read about and where they are likely to read it. If you’re seeking investment for your business, or trying to champion bullying in the workplace, these will be very different.

  1. Share your knowledge

Sharing your knowledge is a great way to get your media machine fired up.  Why not contribute articles to sector specific publications, talking about the issues business leaders face such as imposter syndrome, isolation or conflict resolution? Make best use of this content by repurposing for your blog, newsletter and social channels.

  1. Don’t forget regional media outlets

Don’t forget your local media contacts, particularly if you’re based outside of London. A thriving business in the local community is a great local story and can really help your business.

  1. Jump on the topics journalists are writing about

A great way to get your business into the news on a shoe string is by jumping on news stories that journalists are already writing about. With world mental health day and stress awareness on the agenda in the coming weeks, this might be a good place to start.

Getting your brand into the media is a great way to take your business to the next level and demonstrate your unique selling point. When potential clients see your brand in the press this really makes you stand out from the coaching crowd.

If you would like a free consultation to discuss your public relations journey, please get in touch with Tracy at PR by NorthStar.

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