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The Coaching Solopreneur: How to build a coaching business with sustainable foundations

By Helen Isacke|24.01.2023

It’s tough to find someone who can help, but you will find that help here. Time to get started.

Are you losing sleep over how to make your efforts pay off?
Is your confidence in your coaching ability ebbing away along with your paid coaching work?
Does the idea of telling your family that your solopreneur dream will need more time and money fill you with dread?

We understand, and so do many others. The early days for any coaching solopreneur are difficult; you’re faced with so many challenges, but you have no-one to turn to for advice. Your business is all yours, through the rough and the smooth. It’s the attraction and the problem.

However, Kate Freedman is ready to be your guide. A PCC accredited executive, leadership and team coach, she has transitioned from coaching within Unilever to running her own successful business that has transformed leaders in over 16 industry sectors. After all, having bounced back from her own setbacks, she knows the journey you are on and will lead you through the tough times ahead.

Throughout this book, you will develop the mindset and gather the essential building blocks for an ethical, safe and authentic practice, all whilst focusing on establishing the commercial strength needed to keep it breathing and growing. The focus here is on insight and ownership, empowering you to take your business forward. You will audit your plans
and hold yourself accountable so that you can maintain your passion, sustain your energy and love your work again.

It’s tough to find someone who can help, but you will find that help here. Time to get started.

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