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The Coaching Question Podcast

By |05.01.2021

This is the podcast for people who want to know more about coaching in organisations, how and when to use it and really what it's all about - by Gregor Findlay and Sarah Turner

Gregor says….

I want there to be more coaching conversations happening in the world as the more there are, the better I believe the world will be. So when my co-host Sarah and I were talking and we reflected that there didn’t seem to be any podcasts out there designed to help the people who actually use and commission coaching, it only seemed sensible to start one!

Our first season has covered topics like how to go about selecting an executive coach, how maternity coaching benefits returning parents and organisations, coaching around stress and mental health and why team coaching is needed more than ever in today’s world.

You can sample our podcast here or on Apple Podcasts 


Gregor Findlay and Sarah Turner are both experience executive coaches. Gregor tends to specialise in working with senior leadership teams in business and Sarah’s passion is maternity coaching where she helps mothers (and fathers!) return to work. Both want there to be more coaching conversations happening in organisations so set the podcast up for this purpose be you in HR, a leader interested in using coaching more or a coach yourself.

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